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My First Skirt: Gisgie G.

This chica is what one would have called a “tomboy” growing up. At least for a Puerto Rican. So the idea of running in a skirt was laughable … until it wasn’t. My running friend and Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain Brandess Wallace had been singing the praises of the Skirt Sports gear. And she, unlike […]

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My First Skirt: Pahla B.

But the funniest thing happened while I was flying through the air with my tiny little wisp of a Skirt that may or may not be showing off my derriere: I didn’t care. I was so FREE and my legs felt so wonderful that I didn’t even think about it until later. And by then it didn’t matter.
That Skirt quickly earned a top spot in my running wear rotation and became my first choice for race day. Nothing made me feel better or more confident than toeing the line in my Skirt.

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Run This World Podcast – Robyn O’Brien on Cleaning Up Our Food

Meet Robyn O’Brien – unintentional food activist. Over a decade ago, she watched her youngest child go through a severe food allergy and was suddenly thrust into the world of food allergy education. Her finance background set her up to be a natural fit in this world as she was able to both translate the data in this very confusing industry and relate it to everyday moms just like her.