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My First Skirt: Jen L.

The first time I wore it [the skirt!] I knew I had found my running uniform. I didn’t have to tug and pull at it, it didn’t ride up, and magically I also felt… pretty. I could get through an entire run without actually thinking about the clothes I was wearing. Oh, and bonus! It had storage! A place for me to put my tampon, my kleenex, and my phone! That was something I’d never found in another pice of running gear.

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The Art of Opening a Retail Store

It was 1:30AM. I was riding shotgun with my sister-in-law up and down the back bay alleys of a mall in Colorado on a tip that in the morning a remodeled store was about to haul off thousands of dollars of store fixtures, beautiful mirrors and more. Things that one company considers trash, another company […]