Episode 50: The Most Comfortable Sports Bra on the Planet for All Cup Sizes

Today we have some fun talking about the girls & sharing a product that is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Meet the Skirt Sports All In Long Bra!

Okay, "all cup sizes" is an impossible task so for the sake of this episode, let's say A to E cups.

Today we talk about:

  • Boobs: how they're all different but they have one thing in common - they want a comfortable bra to support them!
  • The All In Long Bra in all its brilliant glory
  • Strappy cuteness
  • Supportive compression without hard-edged underwire
  • Even though Nicole was dubious, Sarah confirmed that even up to E cups are happily supported in this bra!

Just for you, our listeners, use code POD20 for 20% off Skirt Sports and Momentum Jewelry. Grab an All In Long Bra now!!!

Tune in weekly-ish to hear us riff on the topic of the moment. Now grab those yoga pants, get out there and get busy living your best life. See you next time!





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