Episode 42 - How it Started vs How it’s Going: The Story of the Skirt Sports Baton Pass
Two years ago, Nicole received an email from Sarah Ratzlaff, a follow up from six months prior when Nicole was looking to do a cross-promotion for her business Skirt Sports. 

Nicole's response: "No I'm not looking for a cross-promotion right now, but if you want to buy my business, I'd love to talk."

Thus began one of the most important relationships in both of their lives, and the framework for the baton hand-off of Skirt Sports was sparked.

How it started: May 6, 2020

  • Nicole was sprinting down the finish chute, slapping hands, and dealing with all the emotions that arise when the end of a huge race is near.
  • Sarah was sitting in the grassy field in the middle of the track watching the events unfold around her, thinking about which one she wanted to do next.

How it's going: May 6, 2022

  • Nicole is chilling out on the high jump mat, recovering after her long race, cheering on her teammates as they zip around the track
  • Sarah is sprinting lap after lap after lap. Working hard, pushing her limits & taking in all the support she can along the way. 

When is the last time you took a snapshot of an important moment in time and analyzed what has changed since? It's easy to think that you're not really getting a lot done, but when you really start checking the boxes, you realize you've been more successful, busy and productive than you ever imagined. 

Today: Take a moment to list out what you have done in the past two years. Personal. Career. Fun. You name it. Make your list. Take it in. And remember how amazing you are. 





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