Episode 41 - Operation Smoothie: Refresh Your Palate

Join the 7-Day Smoothie Refresh Challenge. It's free. It's delicious. It's just what you need right now. Did we mention it's FREE?!

Before we dive into all things smoothie, Sarah and Nicole talk about what's really behind the smoothie - it's about prioritizing ourselves, making our health a priority, and doing it with the camaraderie of other active women who want to share tips, tricks and smoothie secrets. 

Go to skirtsports.com or click right here to join. The Smoothie Challenge starts May 9th!

Sarah & Nicole's Smoothies Tips:

  • Freeze your fruit: Then you don't need to add ice & water it down
  • Sneak in frozen cauliflower for picky kids
  • Greens - esp neutral greens like spinach and kale - can go in pretty much every recipe
  • Lots of protein ideas: nut butters, protein powders, yogurt (esp greek yogurt), silken tofu, guava
  • Add herbs like mint or cilantro - you can freeze herbs in ice cubes and pop into your smoothies
  • To add some "oomph" that gives the smoothie structure and helps you feel full, try fresh avocado or cooked oatmeal
  • Nicole mentions the best blender: She has this Ninja. It's held up for years and gets used every single day!
  • Recipes:
  • Sarah's fave: Cucumber-Pineapple-Celery - Listen to the episode for all ingredients
  • Nicole's kitchen sink concoction - Sarah calls it the Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie: Greens, frozen fruit (mango is a good choice), yogurt, cooked oatmeal, almond extract, honey, cinnamon, unsweetened vanilla oatmilk

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