Episode 34 - Honesty, Imperfection & Connection: The Keys to Your Most Fulfilling Life

Honesty - Imperfection - Connection

How do they fit together and why is it important to nurture and embrace them?

Honesty: Honesty builds trust. Honesty and transparency are friends. Being transparent is important even while you protect yourself and your privacy. 

Imperfection: There is no perfect, yet most of us want to portray an image of perfection, even as we are built on imperfections! When we allow others to see us as the imperfect humans we are, we grant ourselves freedom to be exactly who we are, to stop apologizing and to stop spending time and energy trying to seem perfect. Being imperfect is relatable. Being imperfect is endearing. Let's be clear that by sharing our imperfections we want to make sure that it doesn't tear down our self-esteem.  

Connection: This is what makes the world go round!


  • Sarah shares that she has always struggled with connection because she's so afraid of sharing her imperfections. 
  • The Bullshit Factor: Everyone has it, it's just a matter of how much. 
  • How much do we share? Is there a line between being honest and too honest with our imperfections?
  • Part of the beauty of sharing vulnerable things is to gain comfort in the fact that you are not alone.
  • If we are perfect, or appear to be perfect, we can avoid criticism. This is valid because criticism is hard to hear!

So our ask for you today is this - Share something that you perceive as an imperfection & see what happens. 





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