Episode 33: Bonks & Burnout: Why Breaks are Non-Negotiable

When do you need a break?

Sometimes the signs are subtle or not even existent until suddenly, without warning you have hit the wall. Unable to function to your full capacity, in work, home or sports, you are now in a position of pulling yourself out of a hole rather than avoiding it in the first place. We call it bonking or burnout, two similar ways to say that you didn't pace yourself properly! In life as in sport, by the time you realize you're thirsty (tired, overworked, etc), you're already dehydrated. 

Today we riff on all things break-related including the below and more:

  • Give yourself permission: Taking breaks is not lazy or unproductive!
  • Take small breaks daily
  • Fitness/workouts/walks count as breaks from work & home
  • Plan larger breaks to truly "get away" even when you know beforehand that coming back might suck
  • Introverts & Extroverts handle breaks differently (future topic alert!)
  • Try to turn your rest into a celebration: do something during rest time that makes you happy 

Our question to you: 

How do you know when it's time for a break & what do you do in your downtime? 

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