Episode 32: How do I know if my idea is good?

We all have ideas all the time. Some are worthy of pursuing. Some are worthy of building a business on! But how do we know which ones? Listen to Sarah and Nicole discuss all things IDEA!


Start with your own gut: Does this idea include your passion, your expertise? Is it something you could wake up and do every day? Does it inspire you?


Having ideas is scary mainly due to the fact that we worry about what other people think, namely that they may think our idea is stupid. 


Take baby steps to put it out in the universe:

  • Say it out loud to yourself.
  • Say it out loud to people you trust. 
  • Say it out loud to people you don't know.
  • Be open to feedback - this may require developing a thick skin.
  • Try to remove an emotional attachment to the outcome. 

The true key to knowing if your idea is worth pursuing: TEST AND ADJUST. TEST AND ADJUST. TEST AND ADJUST. 


Finally, it's not really whether your idea is good or not; it's whether the market responds. 


Tell us your idea! Use this podcast as one your first public (or private - email us at info@skirtsports.com) pronouncement of your idea. Get it out into the universe and see what happens!





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