Episode 15: To Accept & Forgive with Melissa Wolak

 Consider this scenario. Someone we love is blaming herself for a situation and using negative self-talk to punish herself. What do we do? Generally, we try to help her turn the situation around, see the positive and eliminate the negative self-talk. 

Why then is it so difficult to do that for ourselves?! We wouldn't talk to others that way, why do we talk to ourselves so negatively?
Today we have a conversation about the process of acceptance and self-forgiveness with Mindset Coach Melissa Wolak. Make sure you listen all the way to the end, there are some surprises in store!
Takeaways - the process of self-forgiveness
1) Ask yourself, "What emotions am I actually feeling right now?" Name them. This will help you accept.
2) Check in, "How would you talk to your best girlfriend?" Shift so that you are talking this way to yourself too.
3) Acceptance of where you actually are
4) Recognition: What was I actually trying to achieve?
5) Be patient. Compassion.
6) Check your expectations - think about your "should"





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