Episode 13: To Tuck or Not with Meredith Atwood

Meredith Atwood is a speaker, writer, coach, podcaster & more. Her work is about empowering women to change their lives and reach their goals.  But what she's currently making waves about is not the work she does with other women, but the work she has recently had done on her own body. 

After years of frustration with the loose skin on her belly (she calls it the "apron") due to childbearing and weight loss, she decided to have a procedure that included both a "tummy tuck" and ab muscle repair to bring her abs muscles back together. Her goals were not to look hot, although she admits this is a great side effect, but to kick some ass on the weightlifting stage. 

In true Meredith Atwood form, she has been open, vulnerable and honest about her journey. We decided it would be a perfect time to get her on the show to talk about our changing bodies, our rights to make our own decisions about our bodies, and how to deal with other people's opinions about our own decisions. 

You will learn about the actual process that Meredith went through, but more than that, this episode is about the ultimate goal we all hope to achieve someday: Love and acceptance of our own bodies - however we need to get there. 


  1. Meredith Atwood is awesome and we're so happy to know her!
  2. You CAN change your life, step by step, just keep showing up. Keep following a path even if you don't know what it is and look inside at what is happening in there. What are you covering up? Keep trying to solve that little by little. 
  3. The minute you say, "I have got this," you need to turn around and dig back in because the universe is going to show you that you don't.
  4. When you realize something is taking up too much negative headspace, that is the moment it is time to make a change.

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