Wondering How Many Ways to Wear an Athletic Skirt? The List Is Endless!

No matter your favorite sport, size, or style, there’s a fitness skirt or skort for every active woman!

If you’re an active woman with a busy life (isn’t that all of us?), you place a high value on comfortable, well-made attire that moves with you and makes you feel great. Athletic (or athleisure) wear is a popular choice for many women, and athletic skirts are a top choice for women everywhere. While fit, function, and quality are at the top of the athleisure wish list, so are beautiful colors, patterns, silhouettes, and styles. When you’re ready for the unrestricting and versatile styling of athletic skirts, be choosy! You deserve the best quality and a wide range of choices. 

women wearing athletic skirts and skorts

Are fitness skirts only for a certain sport or activity?

To the contrary – exercise skirts and skorts for any active woman looking to add comfort and ease-of-movement to their workout (or daily) routine. Whether you’re into tennis, running, golf, or just need to run errands around town, Skirt Sports has a perfect option for you. These sport skirts and skorts are incredibly versatile and functional. Be sure to look for built-in, chafe-free shorties underneath, pockets, and other extras that make your fitness skirt even more enjoyable to wear. 

Take your pick – there’s a fitness skirt for YOU!

Tennis is more popular than ever these days. And there’s no shortage of tennis skirts styles – from edgy to classic, there’s something out there for every woman on the court. Even more, the tennis skirt is enjoying its own time in the spotlight as an everyday fashion choice for the adventurous fashionista! Tennis skirts typically run 11” – 15” in length. Anything longer may restrict your movement on the court. 

This Gym Girl Ultra athletic skirt is perfect for your tennis routine – side vents let you move freely and five-inch built-in shorties have you covered! The skirt length is just right – 13.5” in the front and 14.5” in the back. A mid-length athletic skirt is perfect for tennis – be sure to pick your favorite! 

athletic skirt with pocket and cell phone

The best part about our athletic skirts and skorts? They have POCKETS! 

Lots of women of all ages like to wear athletic skirts for playing golf, as well. And good news, there are lots of super cute choices! Contrary to tennis skirts, an acceptable skirt length for the golf course is no shorter than 14-inches (which is still pretty short). This is based on earlier LPGA recommendations. Of course, women are free to wear what makes them feel great on the golf course – whether skirts, leggings, or a skirt with built-in leggings. That’s the best of both worlds! 

When it comes to comfortable, versatile athleisure wear you can wear anywhere, don’t restrict yourself. Wear what makes YOU feel confident, no matter what athletic activity you love. Whether you’re into running, weightlifting, tennis, golf, walking, going to the gym, or just meeting friends for coffee or lunch – Skirt Sports has something perfect for you. Leggings, skirts with leggings, skorts,  shorts, athletic tops – Skirt Sports has everything you’ve been looking for!

women wearing running skirts


Are you a casual skirt-wearer? Runner? Tennis or Pickleball player? All of the above? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media with the hashtag #SeeItInAction! 


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