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Many running workouts include recovery repetitions, especially when you're running intervals, but how do you know what type of recovery is best?

You should start by asking yourself, "What is the goal of this workout?"


Working on high end speed?

  • Are you doing very short, very fast repeats or intervals at a high/max effort?
  • Are you doing hill repeats or incline training at a higher effort level?
  • Are you newer to running and or speed work?
  • Do you need to bring your Heart Rate back down?
  • Are you trying to maximize your effort?

Increasing our ability to use oxygen (VO2 max) can translate to easier and faster running at all efforts. If this is your goal, complete recovery with SLOW WALK OR FULL REST will work best.


Working on stamina (speed + endurance)?

  • Are you doing speed sessions that don't involve "all out" efforts?
  • Are you looking to build your endurance level?
  • Are you practicing training for a race on tired legs?

It's mentally tougher to keep up a jog after a hard running interval, so there are mental strength benefits to a continuous run with an EASY JOG recovery.


Which type of recovery do you use most often?


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