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Good running form exists at all paces! It is possible to run with good form on your easiest of easy days all the way to your hardest, fastest runs. Coach Carola is back to help us hone our form so that we can increase efficiency and avoid injury. 


Let's break down the components of good form:


  • Eyes forward toward the horizon, not staring at your feet.
  • Shoulders squared and back, but not forced. Your upper body should generally be relaxed but stable.
  • Elbows bent at roughly 90° with arms swinging forward & backward, NOT twisting across your body. Don't cross your midline! Avoid excessively high swinging or running with a chopping, up-and-down movement.
  • Hands relaxed in either loose fists or cupped like you're holding a Pringle chip. No clenching, flailing, or loose T-Rex arms!
  • Head, hips, and landing foot in alignment on a single plane with varying degrees of forward lean from your ankles (no bending at the waist!)
  • Feet should land UNDER your body, not out in front -- that's called overstriding, and if it's happening to you, think about increasing your cadence! We will talk more about that soon.
  • Trailing leg is relaxed, not stiff. A slightly bent knee is okay! Your "back kick" is a PASSIVE movement, not an active one; you should never be actively trying to kick your leg back or kick your butt when running.




Note: Because we are all built differently, good running form may look different from person to person


Found one or more things you could benefit from improving? Start with one at a time and focus on it during your easy runs. Which will you be focusing on this week?


Come back and let us know how it goes!



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