women wearing athletic clothing

Elite and casual fitness enthusiasts alike deserve exceptional fitness clothing!

 women wearing athletic clothing

Gone are the days of baggy t-shirts and old sweatpants for schlepping to the gym. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – we’ve all been there. The most important thing in anyone’s fitness routine is simply showing up to do the thing – whether it’s hitting the gym, running in your neighborhood, or practicing yoga in your living room. If you’re trying to make progress of any kind this year, we see you and we’re rooting for you! So, no matter what you choose to wear for Pilates or CrossFit, you’re getting it done and that’s what matters. 


Of course, most women (and men) these days have moved well beyond that old t-shirt and sweats. For one thing, clothes like that just get in the way and hinder movement during fitness routines. Have you ever attended a yoga class in the baggy t-shirt? Good luck keeping it from folding completely over your head when you’re in downward dog pose. Not good.


Also, you’ve likely noticed how sweat-soaked a cotton t-shirt and sweats become after a heavy workout. Not comfortable. When it comes to your workout undergarments – the everyday bra in your drawer is doing you no favors. Likely not providing the support you need. If you’re a fitness lover getting after it nearly every day, you need workout clothing that holds-up to lots of wear-and-tear and repeated washings. Skirt Sports understands high-quality gym apparel is an investment, and we know style options are important, too.


Beyond the issue of comfort and function, everyone wants to feel great about themselves when they workout. When you feel confident in the way you look, you feel great about yourself. And when you feel great, that confidence radiates and may provide the momentum you need to perform at your best.


That said - Every. Woman. Deserves. High-Quality Workout Wear. When you’re looking for fitness apparel that delivers good looks, exceptional construction, performance fabrics, and functional styling – Skirt Sports is your heroine. And no matter your body shape or style preferences, we’ve got you covered with leggings and tights, skirts, sports bras, shorts, and cozy layers.


Exercise Skirts

When it comes to the fitness apparel, skirts have become highly popular for so many reasons. For one thing, they’re super cute and available in so many lengths, styles, and silhouettes. There’s a fitness skirt out there for everybody! Be sure to choose a skirt that’s designed specifically for physical activity, because fabric content matters. You’ll want to look for moisture-wicking material that’s not cotton-based. If you’re modest and like a little extra coverage, an exercise skirt is a great option. Like a longer skirt? Maybe a cute layered option or a perfect skirt for the tennis court? Want attached leggings or a shortie underneath? Skirt Sports has you covered. We have so many colors styles to choose from, you’ll want several!


women in athletic clothing 


women in athletic clothing

Tights, Leggings, Capris and Shorts

These universal, go-to choices are options nearly every woman loves to include in her fitness wardrobe. But don’t limit yourself to standard black styles (we have those too). Think color! Lots of colors and prints. Like to stash the essentials during your run or when running errands? Don’t miss Skirt Sports’ Triple Pocket Tights. And our customers of all ages love our beautiful high-rise leggings styles.


Tops and Bras


You’ll enter the yoga studio in confidence when you’re wearing a chic, highly-supportive bra like the All In Long Bra. With multiple crisscross straps and sophisticated colors, you’ll never want to cover-up. Pair the All In Bra with the form-fitting Eclipse Tank, and you’re ready to handle any yoga pose that comes your way. No loose clothing here! If you’re looking for a top that’s a bit more loose-fitting, the All Out Tank or Free Me Tank will fit the bill. 


No matter who you are, you deserve to feel good in your workout clothes. You can’t go wrong with exceptional fabric quality and colors that make you happy. Because when you feel confident, you can take on the world! (Or maybe just your fitness routine for today. That’s just fine too.)



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