The Ultimate Racecation Packing List

If you’re an avid runner, you’re likely always looking for adventurous new terrain to log some miles. For many women who love running, nothing beats a well-planned racecation with your running buddies. But wait, what IS a racecation? A racecation is the perfect blend of a challenging running race and an awesome vacation wrapped up in a beautiful locale! 

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If you think that sounds like an amazing way to spend a long weekend with your friends, then grab your running buddies and hit the road for a racecation from the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series. Have you always wanted to explore Texas Wine Country? Or maybe you want to see the storied charm of Cape Cod? How about the elegantly beautiful seaside vibe of Amelia Island? Take your pick - there’s a 2022 ZOOMA Women’s Race Series event for you - and you’ll want to secure your spot soon!

Not sure you’re ready for a racecation challenge? No worries! With ZOOMA, each location offers a race distance and challenge level for every walker and runner. No matter your skill or experience level, whether you’re a casual 5K walker or a veteran 13.1-miler - there’s something right for you and your friends. Start training, grab your girls, and head to the beach, wine country, or New England

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Once you’ve chosen a 2022 ZOOMA racecation adventure, you’ll want to start thinking about how you should prepare and what you need to pack for these unique running adventures. We want to share what we’ve learned from years of running, race planning, and listening to runners like you. 

As with any trip or vacation of any sort, we know the prep side of things can add a layer of stress. We hope this Racecation Packing List is helpful in getting you started as you prepare for your running adventure!

Race bib

Timing Chip

Running Shoes

Recovery Sandals


Running Shorts/Capris/Leggings

Athletic Skirt/Skort 

Tank/Tee/Long Sleeve 

Sports Bra


Run-friendly motivational bracelets or good luck charms



Phone/Phone pouch/Playlist

Earbuds or headphones

Waist Pack

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

Fuel (gels, chews, electrolyte tabs)


Any essential food you cannot get at the race location

Stick/Foam Roller/Massage Gun


Pace Bands

Safety Pins or Bib Belt

Hair Ties

Anti-Chafe balm

Any medications


Directions or race guide

Cash or credit card


Insect Repellent

Lip Balm

Any throwaway clothing

Rain poncho or trash bag

Gear check bag

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    Looking for some extra momentum and motivation in preparing for your next race or ZOOMA racecation? The ZOOMA Run Club 2022 provides women runners with motivation to reach their fitness and running goals in a community of supportive peers.

    This is an online running club for women and it’s FREE! You’ll be a part of the ZOOMA tribe with year-round access to a community of amazing women through our private Facebook Group and Strava. Set yearly mileage goals of anywhere from 250 to 2,000 miles (not required!) and we’ll help you achieve it with monthly challenges and group support. Enjoy monthly challenges, virtual runs, weekly-themed running plans, and access to guest running coaches. You’ll also receive discounts and special offers on ZOOMA races, challenges, and other sweet swag!

    Ready to become part of the ZOOMA community of women runners? Join us today!

    And don't forget to follow us on Instagram for racecation updates and to see how much fun we've had at past races! 


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