How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Let’s fast-forward for a sec. Pretend we’re wrapping up 2022 and the ball is just about to drop, ushering in 2023!?! You’ve had an epic year beyond your wildest dreams. You’ve accomplished ALL of your goals and have become the person you always wanted to be because you dared to dream big, work hard and reach your full, beautiful potential.

Think about that for a bit. What does that mean to you? Allow your imagination to run and think about everything you’ve ever wanted in your life. Your family, your health, career, all of it.

What would it take to get there from where you are now? How much of it can be accomplished in a year’s time? Let’s get started on that path to self-actualization right now with some goal-setting strategies.

Start by being SPECIFIC.

You can’t work toward something if you don’t know what that something is, so hopefully our little exercise at the beginning gave you some insights into your passions. Don’t just say “I wanna be a millionaire” that’s too broad a goal. What path will you take to making more money?

Set specific goals that are MEASURABLE

How will you know when you’ve achieved them? Spell it out. Break your goal down into smaller, action steps you can work on daily.

Are your goals ATTAINABLE?

This is where you assess the time, effort, sacrifice, talent and costs associated with achieving your goal. When weighed against the other priorities, obligations and commitments you have in your life, is your goal attainable? It’s always great to reach for the stars and make the impossible become possible, but it’s also wise to be realistic as well.

Is your goal RELEVANT?

Does what you’re going after mesh with your personality? Will it keep you motivated enough to push through obstacles? Do you have the skills, training and resources necessary to reach your goal? If not, how will you get them?


Deadlines are what make most people take action. Give yourself deadlines that are realistic yet flexible.

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