How to Layer Up As The Weather Cools Down

Staying active outdoors through fall and winter means your layer-up game needs to be on point. The level of comfort (or discomfort) we feel in various temperatures is highly individualized, so it’s wise to experiment in finding what works best for you. A good rule of thumb—if you’re running or doing outdoor activities that elevate your heart rate, aim to dress as though it is 20 degrees WARMER (including wind chill) than it actually is. Over-dressing and being soaked in sweat because you’re over-layered can feel just as uncomfortable as being underdressed. And any athlete knows that when you’re not comfortable, performance suffers.



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 Pictured: Vintage Chic Hoodie coming 11/1/2022.


Here are a few guidelines to follow:


Start with a moisture-wicking base layer


When it gets too chilly for a tank or short sleeves, opt for a light, long sleeve top such as the Watch Me Go Top from Skirt Sports. We designed it in State-of-the-art fabrics including Free Flow Sports Tech, Featherweight Sports Knit, and Quick Dry Sports Tech help wick away sweat and keep you warm and comfy. So, whether you’re out for a morning walk or rocking a chilly 10k, you’ll be good to go. The Watch Me Go Top features a semi-relaxed fit, super convenient thumbholes, and an easy-access opening on each wrist for a watch, so you won’t have to scrunch up your sleeves to check the time. 


Follow with an adjustable insulating layer


When it gets cooler, you’ll want an insulating layer for added warmth. Skirt Sports’ Go The Distance Hoodie and Go The Distance ½ Zip are the perfect additions to your fall activewear wardrobe. Made of ultra-soft Featherweight Sports Knit fabric, they’re cute, functional, and did we mention they’re oh-so-soft? The Space Dye fabric is so stylish, you’ll want to wear it everywhere! Both pieces feature thumbholes and can be zipped up or down as weather conditions change.



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Add a shell


The type of “shell” layer (AKA jacket) you choose depends very much on the specific weather conditions in your region. Will you be out in windy, rainy conditions? Does it get super cold, in the single digits? Below zero? Extreme conditions can be a motivation crusher so it’s important to have the proper gear on-hand. Before you purchase a jacket for outdoor exercise, be certain to take into account the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range for the jacket. And give thought to other details and features included in its design—hood, lining, pockets, packability, and water/wind resistance are some things that may be important to you. 


Let’s Talk Bottoms


When it gets too chilly for your favorite shorts or skirt, Skirt Sports has options you’ll love! The Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt is the perfect transitional piece, giving you the extra coverage you’ll want on a cooler day. For cold weather, the Wonder Luxe Skirt features attached, full-length Sports Luxe Compression tights with cute shirring at the ankle.  


If leggings are your jam, Skirt Sports has you covered! All-In High Rise Leggings are stylish and supportive whether you're running trails or running errands around town. Made of top-rated Sports Luxe Compression, there’s a color and pattern to suit every mood! 




While a visor or just a ponytail are great for warm weather workouts, you’ll want more protection from the cold in fall and winter. Protecting your ears with a fleece headband may be enough in some climates, but if it’s colder or snowy, you’ll want a warmer hat. In very cold conditions the combination of a headband PLUS a hat can be a wise choice. You’ll also want to protect your face and neck. That’s where a balaclava or facemask comes in handy. Sunglasses are great to protect your eyes from icy wind as well as the glare off of snow. Then of course you’ll want to protect your hands. Experiment with gloves, mittens (or both!) as well as hand warming inserts to keep your extremities toasty. Remember longer socks to cover any gaps between your tights and shoes. A wool blend sock is a smart option for cold weather because they add warmth and wick away sweat. 


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And perhaps most importantly—remember there are times when weather conditions become unsafe and even dangerous for outdoor activity or exercise. There’s never any shame in taking your workout indoors. And when heading to the great outdoors this winter, you’ll go forward with confidence when you choose the right exercise clothing and fabrics from Skirt Sports!  




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