Fitness skirts for women offer the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and style!

Enjoy freedom of movement, coverage, and awesome little extras with exercise skirts


Whether you call it athleisure, workout wear, or exercise clothing – more women than ever before are choosing leggings, fitness skirts, and workout shorts for both fitness and everyday casual wear. The Athleisure “trend” certainly has moved past the point of trendy, to be sure. Especially since the pandemic began in 2020, this clothing category has become more of the rule than the exception for many of us!


Women today lead so many types of lifestyles and play multiple roles. We’re professionals, mothers, sisters, spouses, single moms, partners, full-time mothers – the list goes on-and-on. As millions of women have transitioned to permanent work-from-home scenarios, it only makes sense that we embrace a blend of comfort, style, and function.


Athleisure wear is what so many of us choose for running errands, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, playing tennis, attending the PTO meeting – and even several of the above in one day! At Skirt Sports, we believe women shouldn’t need to compromise when it comes to their choice of fitness skirts or any athleisure apparel. High-quality, beautifully made workout wear is for everybody – no matter a person’s body size or fitness level.



Gone are the old days of exercise clothing that’s much too tight, unattractive, designed for one body type, or not to be seen outside the gym. Embrace the athleisure wear you deserve –there’s nothing better than pulling on a stylish, comfortable, perfect-for-you fitness skirt!

I love skirts – but can I carry my phone and key with me?

Yes! The best exercise skirts are those that have built-in pockets that are actually usable! None of those fake tiny pockets in those Khakis you have in your drawers. Nope – these fitness skirts are made for active, busy women who have lots on their plate. Slip your phone and keys into built-in shorties under the skirt and you.

What about chafing during workouts? I love skirts, but running in a skirt sounds like my thighs might be unhappy.

Built-in shorties to the rescue! If there’s one thing female athletes know is that chafing can absolutely ruin an otherwise awesome workout. With a top-quality exercise skirt, you won’t need to worry because you’re protected with a built-in short and all the extras like pockets and a built-in sonic music port for easy access to headphones.


Do I have style choices or length options with exercise skirts?

Yes, no matter your modesty or style preference, body size or shape, there’s a running, tennis, or exercise skirt that will make you feel confident throughout your day. Like something a bit longer length? Skirt Sports offers a range of longer workout skirts in lots of amazing patterns and colors. And whether you like a short, swingy workout skirt with pleats or a tennis skirt that’s a bit more sleek, there are more fit, color, and silhouette options than you’ll know what to do with!




Looking for more leg coverage with your fitness wear? 

Having a tough time deciding between leggings and a fitness skirt? Skirt Sports has you covered – literally! Workout skirts with leggings offer a bit more coverage, without compromise!

You Deserve a Fresh Fitness Wardrobe for Spring and Summer!

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You deserve a fresh fitness wardrobe as warmer weather arrives – or just because! Check out Skirt Sports today and find the styles and colors that make you happy.



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