5 Reasons to Join ZOOMA Run Club

5 Reasons to Join ZOOMA Run Club

Whether you’re new to running for exercise or a well-seasoned veteran with a collection of marathon medals, ZOOMA Run Club has so much to offer you! Joining an online running community can help inspire you to improve your individual running practice, and be a great source of encouragement and fun along the way.

Even more, ZOOMA Run Club membership is FREE and includes membership in a private facebook group and Strava, an awesome fitness tracking app. With a boosted membership, you’ll also receive discounts and special offers on ZOOMA races, challenges, and other sweet swag! 

Starting fresh with a renewed approach to your running routine calls for new fitness clothing that makes you feel GREAT. Whether you prefer leggings, exercise skirts, or shorties, top-quality fabrics and features are key. You deserve the best in exercise clothing! 


One of the very best aspects of belonging to ZOOMA Run Club is the built-in accountability network that’s as close as your computer or smartphone. Studies show people are most likely to reach their personal goals when held accountable in some way. Setting and sharing personal goals, along with daily and weekly check-ins with ZOOMA coaches and other Run Club members, keeps you focused on what you want to accomplish in your running practice. 


Human beings are inherently social animals, with an instinctive need to belong. A sense of belonging can positively impact our perceived level of happiness, physical and mental well-being, and even our longevity. Join ZOOMA Run Club and meet new running friends from across the country who “get” the highs and lows of training, and are there to support and celebrate you every step of the way!


As a ZOOMA Run Club member, you’ll feel inspired every day to dream bigger, set new goals, and crush them. Research shows that when we surround ourselves with others who are goal- oriented high achievers, our own performance level tends to increase. Expect great things from yourself and reach for it!


ZOOMA Run Club is the perfect place to learn all about running, training, and racing. Whether you’re just getting started or stepping up to a new distance or personal record, you’ll feel encouraged to set mileage goals and work toward them with our fun, monthly activity tracker.


Let’s face it: Running is a special kind of crazy, and along with that comes all kinds of crazy FUN. ZOOMA Run Club offers monthly, themed fun runs you may opt to join virtually—or gather your running friends and achieve your goals as a group in your local community. After all, one of the very best parts of running is the friends you meet along the way! 

The icing on the cake—when you and your new running friends register for an in-person ZOOMA race and plan an unforgettable girls’ getaway weekend. You won’t want to miss upcoming ZOOMA Races in 2023, including Bermuda, Cape Cod, Amelia Island, and Texas Wine Country. Check out our race calendar here


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