Trade In Program FAQs

If your question is not answered here, please email us at – there’s no such thing as a bad question!


Q: What do you do with the used clothing that you accept?

A: We resell all accepted clothing here (launching Nov 12, 2019)


Q: Where can I buy the items that are for resale?

A: Here!


Q: Where do you donate clothing you don’t accept?

A: We donate to Running Start or other charities.


Q: Will you send back products you don’t accept?

A: We do not send back items we don’t accept. Everyone who mails in products will receive a $5.95 credit (in addition to any items that are selected)


Q: If I think you should take a style or brand that is not currently allowed, can I contact you?

A: Please do! Send an email to and let us know details.


Q: Are there any restrictions for my trade-in credits at

A: Yes, trade-in credits cannot be used on the Outlet, Pop Up sales, Flash sales or Gift Certificates.


Q: What sizes do you accept?

A: We accept all sizes of women’s athletic apparel.


Q: Do you accept kids or mens or unisex products?

A: At this point, we do not accept those categories, but we may down the road.


Q: Is there any criteria that will help expedite the trade-in process?

A: Yes!  Please make sure the waiver is filled out and signed, the full form is filled out with the product information, make sure the product is in great condition with any features such as zippers, velcro, pockets, and drawcords are fully functioning.  If you have a drawcord, please make sure it is untied and fully through the loop (if it is not a continuous drawcord).  If we are unable to zip a zipper, put something in a pocket, or untie the drawcord, we will reject the item.