Vixen Capri Skirt

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The Story Behind This Product

Come-on, let’s turn our wild side loose. When the run is over and it’s time to celebrate, the Vixen Capri Skirt is ready to roll, or twirl. The Vixen Capri Skirt is designed with the same comfy waistband and fun asymmetric style of our super popular Vixen Skirt; but now with a lighter-weight jersey fabric and mesh leggings, giving you breathable warmth and that barely-there look and feel. There are two pockets, one on each leg, and a hidden draw cord, capri falls mid to lower calf.


  • Skirt: AeroLight Jersey (poly/spandex)
  • Built-in capris: Sweetest mesh (poly/spandex)


  • Skirt length (med): 11.5″ on right side, 14″ on left side
  • Built-in capris: 17″ inseam
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking skirt fabric
  • Ultra lightweight, quick-dry capri fabric
  • Two pockets; one on each leg under the skirt
  • Continuous drawcord doesn’t come out in the wash
  • Sonic Music Port for easy headphone access
  • Wide smocked waistband
  • Mid to higher rise (can also be rolled down for lower-rise option)
  • UV 50+
USA Sizes00-24-68-1012-1416-1820-22

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