Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer

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The Story Behind This Product

Marathon Woman is the inspiring story about how one person really can make a difference, particularly if that person is Kathrine Switzer, who broke the gender barrier in the marathon, propelled women to the sport’s forefront and led the drive to get the women’s marathon into the Olympic Games. At the same time, Marathon Woman is powerfully insightful; often funny and a sometimes poignant social commentary as Switzer relates events of her life alongside one of the most turbulent eras in history.

“In Marathon Woman I speak frankly about what we all face—hard work, frustration, heartbreak, time constraint… and how we triumph anyway through the discovery of our own capability. Sometimes that triumph becomes greater than we ever could have imagined. The book also documents an incredible era, a time of huge and exciting social change that WE created, live in, and predicts much of our future.”
-Kathrine Switzer

Recommended Activities:
Join the 261 Fearless Movement, inspired by Kathrine Switzer. 261TM is the symbol of solidarity among women to be courageous when facing adversity – to take the first step and push through to the finale, no matter the distance or challenge.

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