Episode 56: Pro Athlete Rose Wetzel Asks ”What’s the Goal that’s Going to Turn Me into the Person I Want to Be?”

Episode 56 - Pro Athlete Rose Wetzel Asks "What’s the Goal that’s Going to Turn Me into the Person I Want to Be?"

Today you're in for a special treat. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Rose Wetzel - pro OCR athlete - during her winter training in Costa Rica! 

A little background:

Rose Wetzel is a pro obstacle course racer who represents the 40+ crowd. She finished top ten at three world championship races this year (2022 Spartan, Spartan Trifecta, and OCRWC 3k) in an effort to show that middle-aged moms can mix it up with the best 20 & 30-somethings in the world!

As a certified personal trainer, certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and certified life coach, Rose love educating people about their health and wellness, and empowering them to take bold steps to live their best lives.

This episode is chock full of great stuff. Listen to it, stop when needed, make notes, and keep going! Some highlights include:

  • "If you're stuck in mud, keep picking up your feet."
  • The Winner's Mindset
  • Check out the documentary "The Weight of Gold"
  • Success is... "Being able to develop my talent while being there for my family."
  • When shooting for goals, don't think "What's the goal that's going to make me happy?" Instead think, "What's the goal that's going to turn me into the person I want to be?"
  • Check out the book "Atomic Habits"
  • How to create new habits: Habit coupling & Tiny habits
  • "Tomorrow starts tonight" 
  • What it means to "win the morning" (Look into her sponsor MitoQ for cellular health)

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Tune in weekly-ish to hear us riff on the topic of the moment. Now grab those yoga pants, get out there and get busy living your best life. See you next time!







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