Episode 5: The Power of Habit

Coffee & Bacon & Avocado!

That's where the subject of today's conversation started. We were talking about cravings, about things we love, guilty pleasures, whatever you want to call them. Then we realized that it may be more powerful to talk about the behaviors behind these cravings instead of spending 45 minutes salivating and getting ramped up on caffeine!

Habits, good and bad and every kind in between, make up pretty much every action we take throughout our days. 

We talk about the Habit Loop (Cue, Routine, Reward) and the resulting CRAVING that helps us make habits stick, the line between addiction and habit, and we share some habit stories including a pretty awesome one from Sarah. 


  1. To stop a bad habit, one strategy is to replace it with a good (new) habit instead of leaving a gaping hole
  2. Our lives are made up of little microhabits. So take the time to think about your life that way.
  3. Our big habits are also made up of little microhabits. So to change the big ones you need to look at the little ones.
  4. Stick with it. Habits don't form in one day for most humans. It takes time to create the habit loop and the subsequent craving. If a habit isn't working, change the cue, routine or reward - play around with it until you find the right combo!






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