Episode 40: 10 Tips to Get Through Tough Times

How do you cope when you're going through a tough time?

Sarah and Nicole riff on their personal strategies to help turn things around when they're struggling. Listen now to their top-10 strategies. 

Cheat sheet here:

1) Change your mental channel. Use a mantra or power word to help.

2) Talk to a therapist

3) Talk to a friend

4) Call a help line.

5) Delete negative self-talk.

6) Write down a compliment someone pays you and put it in a box (or online "box")

7) Limit your exposure to social media

8) Get some physical movement. Go outside. Get some sunshine.

9) Be sure your vitamins & minerals are balanced. Double check Vitamin D and K3.

10) Make future plans. Create "something to look forward to.





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