Episode 39 - The Art of Change

There will be times when we add something new to our lives. Whether we choose to add it, it is forced upon us, or someone else dictates the new-ness, we must adapt to the change or face a life of misery and suffering!

Nicole recently got a puppy. Her last puppy was 20 years ago when she and Tim were 30, with boundless energy and no child! When their child was born 10 years ago, Wilder literally joined this world a dog-whisperer. It was obvious she NEEDED a dog. Last year, they decided on a french bulldog due to Instagram reels of love and cuteness (not really, but kind of!). On Christmas, they committed. Pickle DeBoom joined the family in April. 

And all hell broke loose! 

Nicole asked Sarah to help guide her through this stage of newness, of change, of adding something to a perfectly happy life that has the power to create angst, imbalance, and fear of constant accidents on the carpet! 

As they talked, it became obvious that Nicole's puppy counseling far transcends that experience. The lessons and advice apply to anyone who is facing change in their lives. 


  • The plan is great in concept but a flexible mindset is the key to success since plans rarely (or never!) go accourding to plan!
  • It's important to eliminate an attachment to outcome.
  • The beginning: It feels like chaos. You don't have the skills, routine or bandwidth to deal at first. Meltdowns are to be expected.
  • How do we persevere? How do we not "return to sender" when times are tough? STICK-TO-IT-IVE-NESS! Persistence is key. Literally - hang in there - it will get better!

The truth is you have 3 options:

  1. Send it back
  2. Incorporate it into your life
  3. Use it as an opportunity to carve a new path, a new Identity, a new exciting future.

It's up to you. 


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