Episode 37 - Imposter Syndrome: Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

Today we talk about imposter syndrome: What it is, why we suffer from it, how to stop feeling like a fraud and own our true power. 


  • Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your abiities and feel like a fraud
  • Sarah felt it throughout her career, possibly stemming from the fact that she was told not to shine her light so bright
  • Nicole did not feel it very often throughout her career: She felt confident and owned her accomplishments. Possibly due to her early sports background instilling confidence and creating a sizable ego :)
  • When we are in male-dominated worlds, we're breaking barriers, it makes sense that we feel like outsiders
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome: vulnerability, stop hiding who you are, open the conversation - admit that you feel out of place and own it

Tell us if you have ever experienced imposter syndrome. If yes, how? If no, what do you do to avoid it? 





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