Episode 36 - Face It: Your Expression has More Power than you Think
One day Nicole was writing a long text, and her daughter looked up and said, "What's wrong mom? Are you crying?" It turns out Nicole's texting face looks like she's either super sad or has to go to the bathroom! 

Our expressions speak a thousand words - the key is to make sure they're speaking the words you want. Today we talk about how our expressions matter, and how sometimes we have no idea what expression we're actually conveying to others. 


  • Be aware: Think about how the expression on your face may affect others around you.
  • Listen to feedback: if a theme continues to present itself, it's worth exploring
  • Check yourself out in the mirror
  • Put a smile into it: See how smiling changes the energy in the room
  • And of course Resting Bitch Face was discussed!

Tell us your facial expression stories!






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