Episode 35: Clear Your Life’s Clutter - Tips for Staying Organized
Today we cover one of Sarah's favorite subjects: ORGANIZATION 

Organization is a very personal process, but there are some universal tips and tricks that can help everyone. 

  1. Observe yourself and your natural tendencies. If something is collecting clutter, it's not working. When you identify a clutter-collector (I.e. the treadmill, the middle of the counter, a corner of the room), transfer the clutter to the junk drawer. Yes, everyone needs a junk drawer!
  2. Your calendar is your bible. "If it's not on my calendar, I won't be there." If you need multiple calendars, figure out a calendar system that works for you, then use it relentlessly!
  3. Rewrite your to-do lists often. Priorities change, so lists need to reflect those changes. 

What not to do? The sticky-note method of organizing your life. Nicole's tried it. Doesn't work. 

We want to hear from you! What organizational hacks work for you? Please share here, on social or email us at info@skirtsports.com 





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