Episode 31: Building Your Girl Gang - The Importance of Relationships in Biz & Life

It's time to build your girl gang! 

What exactly is a girl gang? It's that network of women who support you, guide you and help you as you move through your career trajectory. 

Today we cover:

  • Peers: How to find and nurture a peer network as well as the power of connecting with women who do what you do in different organizations
  • Mentors: These are women who have most likely "gone before you" and have valuable experience and wisdom to impart
  • Advocates/Champions/Sponsors: Advocates actually help you open doors, get jobs, gain clients, etc. We need to bring other women along with us on our paths to success!

Here's what we want to know: Where are you going to look for the next member of your girl gang? And please - tag some current members when you share this episode & tell them why they are amazing. 




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  • Nicole Peters: February 28, 2022

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    Our mission is to create awareness about community members with special needs. We host a 5/10k fun run to bring together resources and give back to charity
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