Episode 12: What the Gut?! with Dr Kristin Reihman

Today we interview mystery illness doctor and lyme disease specialist Kristin Reihman about the importance of gut health. The first question she answers is, "Why should we care about gut health?" And then we are off to the gut races! This episode is so jam-packed with tough-to-find information about our own physiologies that you may need to listen more than once.

Takeaways from Dr Reihman - the 5 Pillars of Gut Health

  1. Stress management: includes sleep, calming the nervous system and more
  2. Don't put anything in your gut that your ancestors wouldn't recognize as food including artificial everything, food coloring, GMO's and more
  3. Put whole, real foods, veggies and healthy fats into your gut.
  4. Drink water. A good baseline is half your bodyweight in ounces of pure, clean water every day.
  5. If you are called to try it, do an elimination diet. Take Dr Reihman's 6-week Boost Your Immune System Now course if you are called to it!

More on Kristin Reihman MD:
Link to her website & $5 off her e-book "Life After Lyme" which is so much more than a Lyme manual; it has valuable information for anyone looking for optimal health. Use code SHERUNSIT for $5 off!

Here is a link to a free copy of the Institute for Functional Medicine's comprehensive elimination diet, which is the basis of the diet Kristin teaches in her six week course, "Boost Your Immune System."
Here is the link to sign up for the free monthly "Fireside Chat" talks on a variety of heath-related topics with Kristin and Kristann Heinz, MD.





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