Episode 11: The Eating Confessional

We wrap a lot of emotion around our food, and we often tie negative emotions to our food journeys. We are starting a series on Eating & Nutrition that starts with our own food journeys. In this episode we open up about our relationships with food and how what we put in our mouths has impacted our health, self-esteem and more. 

We also recognize that many people suffer from disordered eating of all kinds. Our goal is not to minimize anyone's struggles with food, but to normalize that we both have complicated histories with food and eating. In other words, we want to emphasize that you are not alone! 

We called this episode the Eating Confessional because it felt like a safe place to share the highs and lows of our own journeys, not because we think there are any sins involved in eating!

1) Eating has to be about what feels good to you. Every body is different.
2) The side effects of experimenting with eating patterns will lead to empowerment.
3) If there is negative self-talk in your head, think about this question, "Who wins when I feel this way? Who benefits when I feel bad about myself?"






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