Benefits of Cross Training

The Benefits of Cross Training

Cross Training can help you run strong and injury free. Here’s what  ZOOMA Ambassador Kelly Pheulpin discovered when she incorporated cross training into her training plan. 

I first took up running one minute at a time, I always thought I couldn’t run because of my asthma. I learned I could run and my lungs became stronger at the same time. I made many rookie mistakes when I first started out, my biggest mistake was not cross training.

What is Cross Training?

Cross Training is when you incorporate other sports into your training plan. Instead of doing a running workout every time you train, it is beneficial to do other activities, like biking, swimming, strength training, yoga, etc. 

Why Cross Training is Beneficial:

Mixes up our day-to-day routine.  We all love hitting the pavement with our friends or solo but mixing it up helps keep our muscles from getting used to the same workout. I challenge you to try one new class or activity once a week.



Can help prevent injuries.  When we cross train we use different muscles, so our “running muscles” get a break. Cross training helps develop these “less used” muscles so they can support us during running and help keep us injury free.

Can help with weight loss. Cross training keeps your body guessing, so you can avoid a fitness plateau. Often when we do a different activity, it revs up our metabolism as well.

Helps with injury rehab. If you are already in a cross-training routine you will be more likely to continue if you have to take a break from running to heal. I have started adding yoga and swimming into my routines to help with flexibility and low impact training.

Helps with active recovery. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to take a rest day and when to push through the sore muscles. Opting for a non-impact activity like swimming is a great way to stay active while giving your running muscles a rest. 

Gives you an appreciation of another sport. I have learned to explore other sports such a swimming to keep my routine fresh over time


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