Sports Bras Fit Tips

Bra Too Big Bra Too Small Band Size Strap Fit
Bra Too Big Bra Too Small Band Size Strap Fit
  • Loose fabric in the bra cup indicates the cup size is too big.
  • Excessive breast movement within the bra.
  • If the breasts are bulging or overflowing, over the top, then the bra cup is too small.
  • The center front part of the bra fabric should sit flat against the body. If it is not flat then the cups may be too small.
  • If the band rides up in the back, then the band size is too big, or the strap length needs adjusting.
  • Make sure the band fits snug around your rib cage so it won't move when active, while making sure it is not too tight to cause discomfort.
  • If the band feels too tight, try going up a cup size instead of a band size, so to maintain the support level for high impact activity. Make sure though that if you go up a cup size, that the band is not loose.
  • The straps should not dig into the shoulders or slide off. If the straps are uncomfortable causing neck or shoulder pain, then the band size may be too big and not offering enough support.

Want to Look Good And Feel Good? Here are a few more helpful fit tips!

  • Make sure you put the bra on correctly. If the bra has a hook and eye adjustment, make sure you are fitting to the 4th (or 3rd) rows, so you can adjust tighter as the bra loosens after wearing and stretching the bra.
  • Adjust the fit by lifting each breast fully inside the cup, making sure to 'scoop' each breast into the cups.
  • We recommend for larger cups sizes to have a snugger fit on the band in order to keep the weight off the shoulders.

Sports Bra Measurement Chart

Know your regular lingerie bra size? Use it as a base, but know that a sports bra should fit a bit tighter than your everday lingerie bra. A lot of the support in a sports bra comes from the band, so make sure the band is not too loose or too tight.

Skirt Sports Bra Size Chart