Sports Bras Meet The Breasters

We want to introduce you to our Breasters (aka our Sports Bra Wear Testers)! It took us almost two years to develop our line of Skirt Sports Bras and we wanted to make sure that they were properly tested by women of different sizes, ages, and activity ranges before we shared them with all of our amazing customers! These lovely ladies gave us great feedback during the development process and helped us make our Sports Bras be the best they could be. Three cheers for the Breasters!

Sabrina Breasters

Age Range: 31-35
Kiddos?: Yup, two!
Home: Katy, TX

Activities: Running, Soccer, Triathlons, Weights & Plyometrics, and coaching!

Bra Size: Medium (34AB/36A)

"I really loved the supportiveness of it compared to my normal sports bras and I wear sports bras about 95% of the time. I am on the smaller size of the medium size range and liked that you can wear this bra without pads, as I personally would give this bra a higher rating without them, but understand that some women would like the pads. It's great at minimizing movement of breasts. I really liked it!!!"

Age Range: 18-24
Kiddos?: Nope.
Home: Elizabethton, TN

Activities: Basketball, Softball, Powderpuff Football, I love being outside as much as possible

Bra Size: XL (38AB/40A)

"Very comfortable, best sports bra that I've ever worn. As soon as I got it, I put it on and basically wore it for 3 days straight, very good support."

Kelly Breasters

Age Range: 31-35
Kiddos?: Two!
Home: Garland, TX

Activities: Yoga, Elliptical, Walking, Weight Training and chasing my kids around!

Bra Size: 38D

"I loved the support it gave me and it looks great under my workout shirt"

Age Range: 25-30
Kiddos?: No
Home: Longmont, CO

Activities: Running, Soccer, Golf, Softball, Weight Training, P.I.N.K. Method

Bra Size: 34C

"I love the Kelly Skirt Sports Bra!!! I loved how it gave me shape while still being able to give such great support! One of my favorite things was how adjustable it was! Definitely my favorite sports bra!

Jill Breasters

Age Range: 31-35
Kiddos?: Yup, three!
Home: Fort Worth, TX

Activities: Running

Bra Size: 36DD

"I really liked the addition of the separate molding for the cups on the inside of the bra while keeping the outside smooth and solid. I also really liked the mesh insert between the cups - I didn't end up with a pool of sweat between the girls after the workout - the mesh provided some great ventilation (sorry if that's TMI). I told my husband that after a test run, if I could go to a store and buy 4 or 5 of those exact bras, I would, so that I'd have one for every workout. I tested it in multiple climates, indoors and outdoors. No chafing, no hot spots, and great wicking on hot days. I really love the function of the bra and it looks awesome too!"

Age: 43
Kiddos?: Yes, three!
Home: Brighton, CO

Activities: Running, Cooking (thus why I run), Photography and trying to be a super fun mom!

Bra Size: 36DD

"Call me Happy! This will be my 'go-to' and only bra from now on! I trained for and wore it during a half marathon and my very first full marathon and had no issues with the "girls"! This was a huge win for me as last time my bra had more issues than my feet! Very comfy and excellent support!"