Sports Bras Boob Basics

What should I do if my boobs are different sizes?

  • Chests come in different shapes and sizes. For most women, the left breast is generally larger than right. If your ladies are beautiful, yet uneven, you should try a bra that is effective for BOTH breasts and pick one with encapsulation and adjustable straps.

Encapsulation - what's that?

  • Skirt Sports Bras are developed to contain each breast individually, which helps with shaping and also provides a 3D motion control. Individual attention gives the most support and reduces pain.

What is 3D Motion Control?

  • Yup, that's right, when you move your breasts move in 3 directions: up & down, forward & backward, and side to side. Encapsulation sports bras help keep 3D motion under control.

Why do my boobs hang low? Why do they wobble to and fro?

  • Breast motion (from running and working out) has 2 negative implications: breast pain & breast sag.
  • There are no muscles in the breasts, only the skin and connective tissue (Cooper's Ligaments) are the supporting structures. There is a little bit of fat in there as well, but lets not talk about that!
  • If you are wearing a poorly fitted bra with no support, you could damage those ligaments and they may even lose their flexibility and/or never be able to bounce back into position. Sports Bra fit is very important to breast health!

I have small boobs, why do I need support?

  • Even smaller chests need support as your breasts are still in motion when working out. Not having good support can lead to breast sag. Help keep 'em perky with a little support!

Bra Basics

I have a sports bra already, why do I need a new one?

  • If you have had your current sports bra for more than 6 months, it is time for a new one! You should replace your bra every 6-12 months because after multiple wears and washings, your sports bra stretches out and may lose support. Prevent the sag!
  • You should have at least 2-3 sports bras so you can have clean ones all the time, not washing your bra after 1-3 times causes excess sweat, dirt, bacteria and dead skin build-up and can breakdown the performance properties in your bra. Gross...

I know my bra size already, why do I need to measure myself?

  • More than 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and even professional fittings may differ in opinion of what size you should wear. Plus, we all fluctuate in weight from time to time and sometimes need to check in on our sizing.
  • See our Fit Tips on how to measure, but always remember, wear a bra that feels good on you!

How do I wash my sports bra?

  • If there is a hook and eye, or hook and loop, make sure to fasten the hooks and straps BEFORE washing.
  • Wash in a lingerie bag (using cold water)
  • Do not dry in a machine, lay bra flat or hang dry
  • Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets

You don't sell my bra size, or what if I like a style better that does not come in my bra size?

  • You can always try a different bra size than your normally wear, as long as it is comfortable and supportive.
  • Example: If you are a 36DD, you can also try a 38D, or if you are a 34E, try a 32DD.
  • Let us know your size and if we have enough customer demand, we'll be happy to evaluate extended size options in future seasons! Just drop a note to Customer Service at info[at]skirtsports[dot]com.