The Skirt Sports Kick Start program offers women with barriers to fitness that otherwise couldn't or wouldn't participate in running due to family obligations, lifestyle or health. It is a life-changing chance to train for, complete a beginner level running race, and build up the confidence, strength and motivation to create a lifestyle that includes running and fitness.

Kick Start provides the beginner participants with a training plan, weekly tips, an online forum, and most importantly a Personal Motivator - or mentor - to encourage and guide her throughout this potentially life-changing experience. In addition to a Personal Motivator, the Kick Start Beginner will have access to training plans and training tips from Skirt Sports Ambassador and professional coach Jenny Hadfield and nutrition advice from Skirt Sports Ambassador, personal trainer and foodie Katie Rosenbrock, aka "Hungry-Runner". The Kick Start Beginner will also be surrounded by virtual support from all Skirt Sports Ambassadors and Personal Motivators through a private chat group.

For additional information or questions, please email us at: Kick Start 2015