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We Ran An Ultra to Save Our Sanity

When we were single, my best friend Stacey (the blonde) and I (the brunette) ran together several times a week, the distance determined by how many therapy miles we felt we needed. Your co-worker said what?! Meet me for the 4 mile loop. You’re engaged!? Wedding planning calls for the 10 mile loop. No matter […]

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My First Skirt: Siobhan M.

My first skirt story took place only 2 years ago, but I am 100% converted to wearing Skirt Sports after my first experience. I have to admit, I resisted the skirt movement for years. I pride myself as being an individual, not one to follow the trends, to follow what the other ‘suburban moms’ are […]

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My First Skirt: Ali K.

I wasn’t always a runner. I was that girl who walked during the mile run in gym class and thought of running as a punishment for when things went wrong on the volleyball court. In 2009, that changed. Looking for an emotional outlet and a physical challenge, I took up running. Who would have believed […]

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The Accidental Skirt Junkie

When I first started running several years ago, you never saw women running in skirts.  So when one of my early running partners showed up for some of our runs wearing a running skirt,  I didn’t know what to think.  Then I realized how many people were asking her about her skirts and where she […]

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My First Skirt: Tiff M.

There will always be 2 pivotal events that brought me to Skirt Sports:   1. Being a huge tomboy yet having to be the boss’s wife aka dressing fancy when I really don’t want to 😉   2. Going back to work after having children as a personal trainer   Let me start with #1! After […]

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My First Skirt: Theresa G.

This story really begins back in the summer of 2005. I had graduated college that spring and no longer had free, essentially unlimited access to a hockey rink. I was still playing, but I needed another way to, well, not be lazy. Enter running. The neighborhood decided to try putting on a 5K for the […]