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The Gotta Go is a Go!

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 11/19/2015 04:34:00 PM | 0 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Relax, Run, Testimonials

The first-ever skirt designed to cater to women’s secret bladder needs will arrive in April 2016.

Here’s how it happened.

You asked. You weren’t afraid. You put yourself out there. You literally said, “I leak. I pee a lot. I have a heavy period. I want something that will make my life better. It sucks to talk about, but this is something that would really help me.”

We listened to you. These are real issues. No one else is doing anything about them. Why not us?

We listened to our gut. I’ll be honest - the concept of making a “pee skirt” for women was a little overwhelming. It’s a technically complex product concept that touches on sensitive issues that are not easy to talk about.

We decided that making women happier in their own bodies was more important than any stigma a controversial product may bring. We decided to put it out there and let you lead the way.

One month later we have over 800 Gotta Go Skirts reserved. We blew away our initial $35,000 goal and proved that sensitive women’s issues don’t have to be so sensitive when we ended at $60,000! The truth is that every woman runner could benefit from this skirt. We all pee. This skirt not only provides a peepee shortcut (thanks Trap Door), but it also helps the leakers and the menstruators stay drier and happier. The best thing that came from this is the knowledge that we are not alone!

It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Gotta Go Backers for your confidence that Skirt Sports will deliver an insanely amazing end-product. We will. That is our promise to you. Thank you Skirt Sports Ambassadors for sharing this message to your communities who now know even more about you than they may want! Thank you Emily, Dawn and Patti for sharing your stories on a video that has been viewed by over 25,000 people (You’re officially famous!). Thank you Skirt Sports team for going with the flow (the jokes don’t have to end!) and giving 100% to this crazy campaign. Thank you to our Kickstarter leader, Cheryl, who let us use both her mind and her body – we may have abused the privilege when she became the “action pee girl” on our marquee video! Thank you to those media folks who weren’t afraid to get this message out there.

Thank you to our bodies for continuing to work hard, even though we go through crazy changes throughout our lives. Let’s continue to love and embrace the magic of our bodies. With every big issue that arises, we can always create new products and technologies to make it better.

So what will the next big idea be? What can we do to help make your running lives better? The Gotta Go was just the tip of the iceberg for Skirt Sports. Don’t be afraid. Just ask. We promise to listen.

The Leak that just Won't Quit

Posted by Nicole DeBoom on 11/04/2015 01:17:00 PM | 0 Comments Authors, Inspiration, Run

I sneezed and peed. I coughed and peed. I laughed and peed. I did a double-under and peed. I ran and peed.

One in three women suffer from exercise-induced incontinence.  Aging and childbirth can increase the likelihood of this lovely phenomenon (also called stress incontinence) but it can still occur even if you’re 22 and carelessly child-free.

Peeing your pants is not fun. It’s also not comfortable and doesn’t help your self-esteem. I experienced it for the first time when I was pregnant at age 39. After gaining the first twenty of my eventual forty pounds, my bladder was feeling the strain. The first time I sneezed and peed, it was a rush, not a dribble. Shortly after that, I noticed that if I went for a run with even the tiniest trace of urine in my bladder, I leaked. I finally understood what many of my friends often joked and complained about during runs.

I also finally took seriously the many women who have asked me to make a product to address these needs. I clearly remember being approached by a woman runner in a Fleet Feet store about seven years ago. She told me she was frustrated with her leaking and hated that people could see it. She begged me to make a product that would help hide this issue. Since then, countless women have asked me for the same thing. I finally decided to do something about it.

In October, Skirt Sports introduced on Kickstarter the Gotta Go Running Skirt featuring a pad-compatible, quick-pee Trap Door compartment. It allows women to drop trow quickly and cleanly without mooning the world. It also allows women to use an easy-to-change-out pad. Not the coolest of concepts to talk about, but definitely a necessary product based on the fact that the $35,000 goal was met in just over two weeks with cries for more Gotta Go styles in varying silhouettes.

We’re not the only company to address this issue. In 2009, GoGirl introduced a silicone pee funnel for women. It allows for a quick, clean, well-aimed pee while standing if desired. Of course you can pee standing up anytime you want, but the urine flies all over the place. Their device is clean, hygienic, easy-to-use and allows you to control the flow.

Ultrarunners especially love the concept of peeing without squatting. As Amy S, an ultrarunner from Cary, NC says, “The idea of ‘not squatting’ is very common among ultrarunners and even marathoners. Obviously it eats up more time [to squat], but the leg fatigue is really the key factor. I ran as a pacer this past weekend at the Uwharrie 100 and the girl I paced did exactly what I described… she stepped off the trail, pulled the panty to the side and peed standing up. Hygiene and modesty go down in proportion to the number of hours you are ‘out there’ and getting up out of a squat position is miserable after 30+ hours on your legs.”

Runners aren’t alone. I recently came across this hilarious, humbling and just-plain-real video from the 2013 CrossFit Games. Several top-tier CrossFit rockstars openly admitted to peeing – especially when doing Double Unders. For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit jargon, Double Unders are a jump rope move when you jump higher than normal, swinging the rope twice under your feet. As Karianne Dickson famously announced when asked about Double Unders, “I get wet during workouts.”

The good news is that you can do exercises that will help with stress incontinence.
•    Kegel: The all-encompassing kegel. I feel like anytime a woman mentions an issue with her lady parts, the first suggestion is “Kegels!” like doing kegels will fix all the world’s problems. The great thing about kegels is that they can be done anytime anywhere. In fact, I can guarantee that most of you just did a kegel, simply by reading the word.
•    The “Ha’s:” JustGoGirl suggests a deep ab set with a pelvic squeeze. You can also do these most anywhere although you’ll just be slightly more conspicuous when you utter “Ha” 10-20 times in a row.
•    Squats: Another theory suggests that kegels can actually aggravate a tight pelvic floor and according to this article, squats are the way to go. Even if your doctor still recommends kegels, I suggest adding squats to the mix.

Even if you do all the best practices for strengthening your pelvic floor, exercise-induced leakage can persist. If you can’t control your pee, it doesn’t mean you suck at exercising your pelvic floor. You didn’t do anything wrong. This is just one of those things that happens to women. Patti F, lifelong runner and mom of four puts it this way, “If you’ve had one or four or however many kids, your bladder changes. Running, laughing, sneezing coughing – it all puts pressure on your bladder.”

Women’s athletic leakage has become an industry. Businesses are getting involved and making the point that this is an issue we need to take seriously, even if it’s uncomfortable to talk about. Look at JustGoGirl athletically-inspired pads for women that are made to cooperate with athletic apparel and move unnoticeably without folding or chafing during workouts. This pad has become one of the staple topics of conversation on many a long run with the ladies.

It’s clear that leaking while exercising is a pretty normal thing. It’s also an uncomfortable issue to talk about. But when the flood gates open, women feel a rush of relief that they are not alone out there. It’s great to know that we can improve stress incontinence, but it may never completely go away, so there are products that can help make it more comfortable and tolerable.  

And don’t get me started on pooping. I recently spoke at an event and a woman approached me afterward to thank me for the invention of the Gotta Go Skirt. She had one question, “Is the relief hatch far enough back? You see, my issue isn’t peeing. My Instagram handle is @Ivegotthetrots.”

This is about more than leakage. It’s about giving women the confidence and support they need to keep running, even when the tide rushes in. 


[1] Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1988;296:1300

The OCD Runner Pt III: Mobility Stability Training

Posted by Nicole DeBoom on 10/29/2015 11:32:00 AM | 1 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Relax, Run, Testimonials

Mobility Stability Training...Or as Training Guru Master Erin Carson of EC Fit Boulder calls it, "Mobile Stable Mobile Stable Mobile Stable." Erin recently led a fitness clinic at Skirt Sports aimed at helping us attain a better range of motion. That's the best way I can frame it.

I had to stop her. "Wait Erin! Repeat that. What's supposed to be mobile and what's supposed to be stable?" Mobile-Stable Training for Dummies I guess! Here's how it goes:

Mobile Ankles
Stable Knees
Mobile Hips
Stable Lower Back
Mobile Chest & Shoulders
Stable Neck

Makes sense. Think about the best runners in the world. They look effortless. I have often felt that my husband, Tim, had the best running form I've ever seen when he was at his peak. If you watch the 2001 Hawaii Ironman footage - you can click here - go to 55:30 into the video and watch Tim pass then-leader Steve Larsen. I think that was mile 16 into the 26.2 marathon and wow - he was absolutely effortless. You know why? MSMSMS.

Tim was Mr-Mobile-Stable-times-three! If you're visual like I am, it helps to envision people who run like this, and then you can pretend you are running just like them. Just don't look at yourself in a mirror!

Getting back to Mobile Stable. The real philosophy behind Erin's training program is about reducing the risk of injury. Plain and simple. As we get older, our bodies get tighter. We ignore aches and pains. We carry kids on one side. We start to hunch and lean and do all the wrong things. Until it explodes and suddenly we are hurt or injured or we just realize that we’re walking sideways now!

We're never too old to work on ourselves. Erin, in all her brilliance, recruited my husband, Tim, to her team of coaches and trainers. Who better to understand the rigors our bodies go through than people who have been there themselves. After winning the Hawaii Ironman twice, Tim’s body went through all sorts of ups and downs. For a decade he was constantly trying to fine tune his running form or his bike fit to solve a new body problem. Last year Erin started training Tim with the hopes that he would adapt this philosophy. He did and now he’s helping other athletes.

So I did the unfathomable - AND ASKED MY HUSBAND TO TRAIN ME! There's a reason he was never my coach. I got too defensive and emotional. But now, in our mid-40s, with no pressure on the line, we agreed this could be fun.

I've been working with Tim for a month. We are going through the 5 phases of strength training: Mobility-Activation-Stability-Strength-Agility. Tim said that many athletes take years to get to the agility stage-as we continue to plug along in Mobility. He also told me, "I wouldn’t say that you’re the most coordinated person I've worked with," but he said it in a nice way, so no tantrum necessary!

I asked him to tell me in a nutshell how this training would have helped him when he was racing and he said, "You know how sometimes you just feel like a muscle or joint is 'out' and you don't know how to activate it? That’s what this does."

I trust him. I believe I'm getting more stable and mobile. So here's to continued body exploration in every decade of our lives.

'Cause When you Gotta Go!

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Some things just need to be talked about. Years ago, when I was in the throes of starting my business, a woman approached me in a store with, “You don’t know me, but I have a product idea.” I get this all the time and I always listen. Most of the product requests don’t make sense for our brand direction or they just aren’t practical. But this one…

This one was different. The woman went on to explain that she suffers from incontinence that started after she had kids, and it gets worse when she exercises. She asked if I could create a product with a built-in pad compartment so that she wouldn’t be a walking incontinence billboard whenever she went running.

I told her I’d think about it and we both went on our merry ways. I didn’t create the product she requested but for the next decade, women have continued to approach me about this same topic in different forms. From incontinence to embarrassing pee stories to heavy period ranting, women ask me to solve their problems.

It took me many years to figure out how to attack this one. You see, I’ve always been a small bladder kinda girl, so frequent pee stops during runs were the norm for me. But I’m also a Marathon Girl wearer, so I had the luxury of simply pulling the spankies to the side and never had to deal with the whole “flash everyone in the vicinity” and “can’t wiggle my skirt back into place” scenarios.

It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I realized how important this potential feature could be. I couldn’t wear the built-in spankie styles anymore, my bladder was ALWAYS on the verge of exploding, and whenever I coughed, sneezed or laughed, I would pee. If there was even a trace amount of urine in my bladder when I started a run, it would come out. Enter pregnancy incontinence at its finest!

I started dreaming of a Trap Door. You know the kind from old-school long underwear. When I was on a production visit to Asia, I noticed all of these tiny puddles on the sidewalks. Then I saw the culprits. Little people! That’s right – tiny toddlers wearing full piece onesies would squat down, open up Trap Doors and just let it rip in public.

I’m not saying that my vision included full-grown women emptying their bladders on busy city promenades, but the trap door seed was officially planted. I knew I could find a way to make women’s lives easier, more comfortable, and therefore better.

On April 1, 2015, we sent out an April Fool’s email – not because I thought this product was a joke, but because I needed to find out how many women really wanted it. Turns out it was a lot! Thousands of women answered our survey and thousands of women said they would appreciate this product if we brought it to market.

Because we’re floating in uncharted waters (potty jokes never end around here these days), we decided to launch the Gotta Go Skirt on Kickstarter. If we are successful in hitting our goal of $35,000, we can make this sweet freedom a reality.

No other brand is paying attention to the true needs of women. Yes, this conversation can be awkward, but it can also be hilarious, and once we realize that we’re not alone with our “women’s issues,” it can actually be very liberating. So join us in making the Gotta Go Skirt a reality. The campaign closes on November 18 so don’t hold it too long!

Engine 2 Challenge Wk 1 – No Dairy No Processed Foods

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Before I dive into the week, I am totally putting myself out there and sharing the results of my blood work. If I can stay true to the program, there are some items that should decrease, namely my cholesterol. So here it is in all its glory – prior to starting the E2 Challenge. Fortunately all of my stats fall into the normal range, but I don’t want to be normal/average/ordinary. I want to be amazing, off the charts as healthy as I can be.

Test                Result    Normal range
Cholesterol        185        140-200
Triglycerides      79           35-135
HDL                  73           40-95
LDL                   97          70-100
Fasting glucose  95         70-100

E2 Challenge Week 1: Eliminate all dairy and processed foods. This was a big week. But it’s been a really fun week too as I explored all sorts of new recipes and some spices I have never tried before. What I love about the challenge is that it’s forcing me to be organized with my eating. On the weekend, I plan and prep. I carved out a few hours on Sunday to shop and cook. I haven’t done that in years.

Week 1 recipes:
Sweet Holy Deliciousness Soup: Sweet Holy is right! I used a new spice in this one – Garam Masala. Tim loved it too. Page 41 of the downloadable E2 Challenge Guide.

Handstand Burgers: So easy, no machinery needed. Very tasty and versatile. Plus it made 8 patties. Page 45 of the downloadable E2 Challenge Guide.

Jen’s Fabulously Fudgy Brownies: This is a recipe from my vegan friend, Jeanette K, who introduced me to the concept of “accidentally vegan.” These are no accident – I’ve never used tofu in a dessert and they are really yummy. This is the first (and only) time Wilder has eaten tofu. Cuz I snuck it into a chocolate treat!

Rising Up

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Dear Skirt Sports-

My story is not really a story, but more of an opportunity to say thank you, which I don't do often enough.  Nicole [DeBoom] and I knew each other before we ever met - thanks to a mutual friend and Skirt Sports employee, Maggi.  I was wearing skirt before I even knew Maggi!  I always loved that Skirt Sports is a local Boulder start up; even though Barney's NYC is and always be my favorite shopping haven... 

Things in my life started to change, and not all for the positive.  Divorce, a move, and 3 kids who I thought were healthy.  Tragedy struck again and life was upside down.  Pediatric cancer took charge of our lives and not much was in control.  Exercise was difficult, if not impossible.  Children's Hospital was not in the best part of town and exercising outside was not an option, and with no gym in side the hospital the choices were really slim.  Motivating myself emotionally was ... not sure what word(s) to use there... needless to say, it was not easy to find any motivation under the circumstances to exercise.  

Maggi would come down and visit us in isolation and bring me a pair of Tough Girl pants, or a Wonder Girl Dress.  It always felt good to have something cute, comfy and fun to wear; something I could look forward to wearing out for exercise at some point in time, some day down the road.  Something that was comfortable to wear in the hospital and sleep in, sometimes for days at a time.  When it was all over, that's when it really just began.  Nicole would leave me goodie bags of Kendall Collection (oldie but fav print for many benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)) on my front porch until I had every piece in every color, not only that but she shared our story with Jackie McFee who honored my child in her blog.  Nicole sponsored me for the pilot Kick Start program.  It wasn't to teach me how to run but to get me back in the game of life.  That kick start program changed everything; it got me off the couch - it got me out of the house.  The connection with Skirt became multi dimensional in that it was a physical something that I could look at and conclude a positive emotion and it was a true deep friendship bond, not just with Maggi, but with Nicole and with the whole Skirt crew.  

This company - these people walked through with me the darkest time in my life, and then continued through some of the most beautiful moments of my future.  It sounds silly, but clothes?  How can they "help" ?? Not just the clothes; although emotionally the fun new outfits definitely were a source of motivation.  I mean who doesn't like a fun new running skirt!  But, it was also the continued friendship; sharing a new pregnancy, infancy, all those walks, screaming babies at Wonderland lake in Boulder, CO!  Times that I will cherish forever.  

I am grateful from a deep place in my heart for the caring friends that have come from your office; some still there, some who have moved on.  I am honored to continue to be a part of events and of course I proudly wear my skirt for exercise and then some!  I look forward to a lifetime of more experiences to share with you all.

So thank you ladies (and Jim the warehouse guy) for all that you have done over the years to put a smile on my face.



Lace Up! Easy Ways to Find Time to Run

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"You can do anything, but not everything" ~ have you ever heard this quote?  It has become my mantra...well, since my husband reminded me that we couldn't fit Colfax Half Marathon into our schedule because we were getting ready to leave for Disney World just a few days later and there was too much to do before our magical vacation!

So, yes, you can do anything but not's much as we keep adding commitments to our already busy schedules because we're afraid we might miss out on something cool.  Am I the only one who does that?

Over the last year it has become increasingly difficult to find "me time" and "long run time" and "race day time".  I have committed my time to my daughter who is a competitive show jumper and this mom can't miss a show.  After all, every rider needs a groom, stylist, assistant, banker, pooper scooper, and cheerleader (otherwise known as Horse Show Mom) and it is my pleasure to share that with her however, I am ready to make time to lace up, set a goal and start training!

Find Time to Get Started
Not only do the horse shows keep me busy, my youngest daughter is starting cross country and school is going to be in full swing next week so finding time to run isn't going to be easy buuuuuut, it is going to's how.

Make a Plan
I have a workout planner and day planner that help me schedule my life and stick to my goals.  Don't just plan out your day, plan your week or month ahead of time so that you are reminded of what important events are coming up and be sure to pencil in time for your run.

Think About the Long Run
Fitting in your long run is definitely easier when you plan for it (thus, the planner!) but it's also important to think ahead and mentally prepare yourself for your distance.  Remember,  you should up your long run milage every other week.

Run With Pals!
Running with friends is a great way to stick with your routine, plus it's way more fun than running alone!  Instead of happy hour, hit the road with some friends, family or a jogging stroller and your babies and build relationships while training for your next race.  I am strategically coaching a girls' running club at my school this year and can't wait to get in a few extra miles with my students.

Rinse and Shine!
Plan your speed workout early in the morning.  You will probably have less time so you'll have to run harder and I find this the perfect opportunity to do some sprints.  Pick the treadmill or a nearby track and have a hard workout in half the time then you can hit the showers and get to work.

Run at Work
Not everyone gets to coach a girls' running club, so you'll have to find time to run during the day.  Hit the road at lunch and pack some wet wipes in your gym bag to keep you feeling fresh after your run.  Don't forget, always keep your running shoes and gym clothes in your car for a quick workout!

Find a Balance
Keep your long workouts for your days away from work, this will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  I find that cross training with a group fitness class or kickboxing with my coach helps me to stay motivated and keeps me healthy and strong for those long runs.  It's important to add a cross training workout into your routine to keep things fun and fresh.

As we continue our quest to find the time do anything and everything it's important to keep our true goals in mind and ask ourselves, what really makes us happy.  Shoot for one goal at a time and keep a balanced perspective...and, most of all, have fun!

Clean-Eating October: Join me on the Engine 2 Challenge

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2015 is my year of eating! Eating experimentation that is. I have a natural curiosity about all things health and fitness related. I also have an innate drive to do things outside the box. I am not a creature of habit. I enjoy some structure, but I will never be happy doing the same thing every day for the rest of my life. It’s not how I'm built. So 2015 has proven to be an interesting culinary year for me as I've tried all sorts of different eating regimes.

After Gluten-free Feb, No Dessert April, Vegetarian June (with a Vegan Challenge week), and Food Tracking Sept, I finally decided to bite the bullet and attempt a more structured eating challenge. I am starting the Engine 2 Diet on Monday, October 5th by kicking off with their Engine 2 Challenge.

Why Engine 2?
I'm interested in finding a long-term eating "program" that will make me healthier than I've ever been, improve my energy throughout the day, and play to my natural tendencies. If it feels constricting, I won't do it. If it doesn't taste good, I won't do it. If I have to count calories, I won't do it. If I can't eat dessert, I definitely won't do it!

The Engine 2 Diet is geared toward eating healthy for life. The focus is not on losing weight (although that is a general result of adapting to the program), but it’s about clearing out your arteries and making you the healthiest person you can be – from the inside out.

Plus I know Rip Esselstyn from my days as a professional triathlete. I’ve watched his evolution from athlete (He was one of the fastest swimmers ever in the sport of triathlon) to firefighter to health activist. And I trust him. He's done the research and he’s proven what this diet can do to lower your cholesterol and come as close as possible to making you immune to most of the chronic diseases that plague the western world. The guy is amazing. Just watch his videos and see how many lives he’s changed.

There are many eating programs out there. You need to choose the one that feels right to you. Engine 2 is a plant-powered diet that allows you to eat lots of yummy, healthy, unprocessed foods with a goal of lowering your cholesterol and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. That’s what I want. Sign me up! The Engine 2 Diet feels right for my mind and I’m about to see how it feels for my body too.

Starting October 5, I will begin the Engine 2 Challenge. Here's how it works. You can go full-bore and start with Week 3 (Firefighter approach) or you can “ease in” and eliminate foods each week (Fire Cadet). I’m taking the Cadet approach.

Week 1: Cut out all dairy and processed foods
Week 2: Cut out all meat products (including eggs)
Week 3: Cut out all oils
Week 4: Keep it going!

Join me! I know it's short notice, but it will be easier if we can do it together. Download this Engine 2 Challenge Guide EBook – it answers many questions about the program. I'll be prepping the pantry and making some meals this weekend. Dying to make the Sweet Holy Deliciousness Soup and Handstand Burgers. WOW! Shortcuts include buying E2 products at Whole Foods (you know they'll be compliant!). I will continue to post over the next 28 days and look forward to hearing from you.

Who's with me for Plant-Strong October fueled by Engine 2?

Food Tracking is Hard - and Eye Opening!

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Let me start by saying that while “No Dessert April” was the worst month of my life, “Food Tracking September” has been the most annoying month of my life! Even with the invention of food tracking apps, it is not easy to log every single bite I take each day. But I guess that was the point. I wanted to become more food aware. With that said, here are my findings as I wrap up the month.


Logging frequency: 75%

I use the MyFitnessPal app. What I love is was the little bar code scanner. It made tracking so easy and accurate – but only for foods that actually have a barcode. What I don’t like is that I eat a lot of “hodgepodge meals” or homemade concoctions. These are not easy to track, so for the sake of not losing my mind, I did a lot of guessing. It is also very difficult to track when I go out to happy hour events or meals where there is a lot of snacking or tasting. There is no way I could enter every bite! So I did the best I could. I logged most days, but missed many meals, so I came in around 75% for logging frequency and probably 75% for logging accuracy too.


My baseline: I can eat 2380 calories per day based on my profile below.

When I created my profile, I said I want to maintain my 140 pounds – no gain or loss goals. I also said I am “very active.” I have no idea what this means, but that’s how I imagine myself. However, when I told this to Tim, he said, “Are you sure you still qualify as VERY active?” I work out 5-6 days a week for an average of one hour. So while I’m not as active as I once was (20+ hrs/wk), I still work out a lot. Anyway, there was no way to check this, so that’s where I left it! I also synced to my Fitbit, so on days when I did more than 15k steps, it increased my calorie allowance.

My results – Calories & Nutrients:

I almost always eat more than my recommended 2380 calories. In fact, the only time I think I came in under par was if I forgot to log! There were also many days that I went over my calorie allotment AND forgot to log! In the end, I didn’t gain or lose any weight, so I clearly ate enough calories for maintenance.


When I analyzed my “Nutrients,” I noticed that MFP uses a 50% carbs / 30% fat / 20% protein baseline for comparison. Here is how my nutrition swung throughout a four week period.


49.75% Carbs! I kid you not. I was just about Carb-a-perfect!

36.75% Fat. Apparently I eat too much fat. But fat tastes good, right?!

13.5% Protein. This seems really low. I think I eat a lot of protein-centric foods, but apparently I don’t!


I researched by googling “what is the best ratio for carbs, fat and protein.” There are different ranges depending on your age, goals, activity level, etc. But to be very vague and put a number on things, these ranges were cited in almost every article (45-65% Carbs, 20-35% Fat, 10-35% Protein), which positions me within all normal ranges, but probably a little low on the protein and a little high on the fat ratios.


What I learned:

Food tracking is a commitment and I greatly appreciate the power of the bar code scanning app world! I’m not an off-the-charts crappy eater but I’m not feeling as amazing as I know I can either.


I want to change that, so I have decided to explore a diet that promises to deliver a level of energy that I haven’t had in a long time. In October, I will build on my eating experimentation and implement a program that will help me feel the difference in my energy levels (and more!) when I eliminate certain food groups. The program is called the Engine 2 Diet created by Rip Esselstyn – I’ll be doing the 28 day Engine 2 Challenge. Click here to learn more and join me if you can!

Recapturing My Inner Athlete

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My journey as a runner has helped me be healthier and recapture my inner athlete. As a teenager, I was very athletic. I ran track and field. I was full of potential as a sprinter and I loved running. I even went to the Junior Olympics in high school. Unexpectedly, I ended up pregnant close to my last year in high school and instead of going on to college to pursue my athletic career or even exercising, regularly; I focused on being a mom and a wife. Trials and tribulations got in the way for well over a decade along with  fifty pounds of extra weight on my once athletic frame!

Thankfully, a second career choice as a Registered Nurse helped me get, consistent and serious. I knew the stressors of nursing school, as a wife, mother, and employee would spread me thin. I wanted a healthy way to release the stress of being a non-traditional student. My new role put me on the path to get healthy by joining my local YMCA. Initially, I enjoyed different group exercise classes. I loss my first 20 pounds by taking an early morning spinning class several days a week. It wasn’t until my friends began training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and were experiencing transformational weight loss that I considered getting serious about running. I was so inspired by their success and they seemed to be having a blast training. When I began as a runner, I could not even run a couple miles without needing to walk. I utilized a modified version of the couch to 5k program and ran my first 5k in September 2011. I not only finished, but also met my time goal. I was hooked and so proud! I made a bold decision to do some sort of running event every month. I had momentum and I did not want to lose it! I also really enjoy the racing atmosphere.

My journey has exploded into an occasional gym goer to a woman that is an avid runner and active member of the running community. I have even still maintained the tradition of running in an event, monthly. Since my first 5k in 2011, I have managed to participate in over 75 races of various distances. Fourteen of those events have been marathons along with the completion of three ultra marathons. Recently, I even managed to complete four marathons within a one-week time frame. The latest goal that I am pursuing is completing a marathon in all 50 states. I LOVE running and I hope to inspire others to seek out their inner athlete because we ALL have one! The key is to find an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel good. You may also have to try a lot of different activities, but find something that keeps you moving.