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Finding Happiness and That "Thing"

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 07/24/2015 11:44:00 AM | 0 Comments Authors, Inspiration, Run, Testimonials

Growing up in Colorado I'm pretty sure I was the only person living in this state that didn't participate in some sort of sport or physical activity. I don't think I even owned a real pair of tennis shoes until I entered nursing school when I was 23.  I was (and still am) a very girly girl. I was into the arts and music and I was afraid that if I played a sport I would lose my girlyness and start to look like a boy. I used to say the only way I would run is if someone were chasing me, in my mind running was never going to be something I was going to be able to do.

Fast forward to 2010, I was a 30 year old full time cosmetologist, full time student and most importantly a full time mother to three wonderful boys. I was also fresh out of a mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive relationship, so I had a want to make up for lost time, lost opportunities in life, and not to mention I wanted to lose about 10lbs of depression weight.  I disliked the person I saw in the mirror every morning and more than anything I wanted to make a change both physically and mentally.

I can remember having a conversation with my sister one day about how it seemed like the happiest people in life had their "thing", whether that be biking, knitting, skiing, or something else. This "thing" seemed to be a special kind of key to a complete life that I was missing; so I set out to find my "thing". I was walking through the aisles of Barnes and Noble one day when I walked past a copy of Trail Runner Magazine with an image of a runner on a beautiful mountain trail. I remember that image almost calling to me, and at that moment I decided running was going to be my "thing".

I went home that night and starting frantically searching the internet for the best way to become a runner. Somewhere in my search I realized I needed running clothes, being kind of an indoor girl I was seriously lacking in the athletic clothing department, that’s when I came across something that was magic to my eyes… a running SKIRT! It was everything my girly heart could ask for! I found a link for Skirt Sports and proceeded to the page. It must have been fate that was guiding me because as soon as I got on the page I saw the link for the Kick Start application. I read over the program and it sounded like everything I wanted and desperately needed to help me achieve my goal of becoming a runner.

I filled out the application, hit send, and to tell the truth didn't think I actually had a prayer of being selected for the program. To my surprise about two weeks later I received an email welcoming me to the program; I can remember being so happy that I literally jumped up and down with excitement.
The weeks that followed the first Kick Start meet up were full feelings of determination, frustration, promise and self-doubt, there were even a few tears and swear words every now and then, but in the end I crossed the finish line of my very first 5k.

From that day forward my entire life changed. I felt as if anything I put my mind to was possible. I felt confident and that I finally had the strength, perspective, and energy to be the best mom that I could be.
On top of the many other benefits to the Kick Start program I have made friends with some of the most amazing women on the planet and I finally understand why people who have a "thing" are so happy.  I have continued to find happiness through the Kick Start program as a motivator to other women who are looking to better their life and find their "thing".

The Running Time Machine

Posted by Nicole DeBoom on 07/16/2015 03:46:00 PM | 2 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Run, Testimonials

I couldn't believe I was 58. Like many women, as I approached 60, I wondered if the best was behind me, kept experiencing the "what if’s", and was sort of anxious about what might lie ahead. Age had never been a big issue with me, but was, surprisingly, beginning to become one. There was also a kind of void within. I yearned for more, though exactly what that was remained a mystery to me.

The mystery was soon to be solved, though, simply by walking into a local Fleet Feet store and eyeing a flyer about a beginner's running program called "No Boundaries." I’m not sure why that flyer caught my eye or why I even took the time to pick it up because I had never seen myself as a runner. After all, I had tried several times to run but had only come away breathless, sore and hurt! I was sure as the day is long that running was not for me. If for nothing else? My age.  As I was reading the flyer, the store owner said something like, "That really is a great program and in 10 weeks you’ll be running!" I thought, "Yeah…sure Lady" but she just kept on talking about how wonderful it was and how much fun I would have. To make a long story short, she talked me into joining the group and I have never once looked back!

That 10 weeks flew by and I actually did learn to run because of excellent coaching and incredible camaraderie. I also started to feel a change not only physically but emotionally as well. There was less anxiety and fewer "what ifs" not to mention I didn't feel at all like a little old lady.  I also felt more satisfaction with who was looking back at me in the mirror and what she could actually accomplish in her 'senior' years.  The running group shirts had a saying on the front that meant nothing to me at first but soon became almost like a mantra…"Running Changes Everything." Why? Because it does and it did!

Four months later came my first race. It was a 5k and no one from the running group was going to be there for the run but me. I was so thrilled when I found one of my coaches standing around waiting for me. He gave me last minute instructions and BAM! the race had started! When it was over and I was ready to leave, John (my coach), told me to stick around because I should find out if I'd placed. To my great astonishment I was 2nd in my AG! Needless to say, this running thing had thoroughly hooked me as I got to meet, know, and learn to love my inner athlete.

That void I mentioned earlier? Well, it became filled with an incredible sense of accomplishment and the "what if's" turned into "what NOW'S." Above all, I began to experience a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for a strong, able body which I didn't know I had and gratitude for the great fortune of getting to know some of the most giving people on the planet — runners. And since I was now a runner it was only right that I "pay it forward" and pass on to others what had been so graciously offered to me  — a chance to turn back the hands of time, or as my husband says "become a Time Machine!."

And so now at 62 my inner athlete and I run 3 times a week, do TRX, ride bikes, enter races, an occasional triathlon, and go to gym classes. I'm also fortunate to be an Ambassador Captain for Skirt Sports and am able to fulfill my dream of paying it forward through their Kick Start program, an invaluable program where local women apply to be paired with a more seasoned runner and then are mentored for Skirt Sports sponsored races throughout the year. As a Kick Start Mentor, I asked specifically to be paired with older applicants as I could relate to them starting a sport later in life. It turns out that "running-late" is actually just making up for lost time. My Kick Start beginner from last year is now herself a Mentor and Skirt Sports Ambassador so we are both busy training together, mentoring our new Kick Starters, and having a ball spreading the love of skirt while running late. Age, it turns out, really is just a number.

Deb’s blog is

Who Am I?

Posted by Nicole DeBoom on 07/15/2015 12:09:00 PM | 5 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Run, Testimonials

I've been overweight practically my entire life. The last school photo that I looked a "normal" weight was 1st Grade. I had what is increasingly becoming a typical American childhood. Don't get me wrong, it was a happy childhood, but it also involved a lot of processed and fast food, and too little activity. For my generation, it was more the television than it was personal electronics, but the effect was the same. I remember hitting 210 lbs in 8th grade. And it just continued from there. By the time I was in my mid-20's, I was 330lbs and the highest I ever saw on a scale was 415lbs.

The scale alone wasn't enough for me to change (as scary as that was). In my early 30's I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Then the year I turned 37, I was diagnosed with an inflammation around my lungs making it even more difficult to breathe than normal and a month later I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (which runs in my family). THAT was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But what could I do about it? At 390lbs, it's nearly impossible to move and you have less than zero energy! Fortunately, I live in Cleveland – home of The Cleveland Clinic. After consulting my primary care doctor and conducting a lot of research, I started the process of being approved for weight loss surgery.  I did not take this decision lightly and neither does The Cleveland Clinic. It was an 8 month process to be approved and scheduled for surgery. It was the first step in saving my life.

Weight loss surgery is not a magic cure. It's a tool (one of many) on a person's journey to health. It's a tool that has worked well for me. It helped me lose enough weight to get to the point were I could start MOVING. At my six month checkup my doctor asked me what I was doing for exercise. "Uh...nothing". She said I needed to get my butt moving or I was not going to be successful long term. I took it seriously. I figured running would be the easiest way to start. It was May, weather was nice and all I had to do was get a nice cheap pair of running shoes online, right? (insert laughter here) So I laced up and started slow. I ran my first 5K that July in honor of my cousin who had died in the line of duty as a firefighter.  It was an incredible experience in my home town...and I think I was dead last. I didn't care – I was MOVING!

Before I knew it, I was signing up for 5K's left and right. Then 8K's...a 10K. I got fitted for shoes at one of my amazing local running specialty stores. Race series challenges - you name it! People actually started calling me a...GASP ...RUNNER! Then in 2012 I decided to step it up and ran my 1st Half Marathon….and my 2nd and 3rd Half Marathons within the next 4 weeks. Suddenly I was a card carrying Half Fanatic (#3142!). Then I started adding in trail running and a whole new set of challenges opened up in front of me!

Who is this person that I've become? According to AthLinks, I've completed 72 races total including 32 5K's, 10 Half Marathons and one 25K.  Even if it's missing a few small races, those numbers boggle my mind. My entire identity for the first 38 years of my life was wrapped up in being the fat child/teen/adult that didn't, or couldn't, move. As time passes, I think the old me is starting to fade. I recognize my old self as my identity less and less and I’m becoming more comfortable with who I am today.

Who am I? I'm REAL. I'll never have that "runner's body", and that's fine. I kinda dig this new curvy body of mine. I'm HEALTHY. No more high blood pressure. No more diabetes.  I'm a proud TRAIL SNAIL. I'll be that trail runner finishing at the back, with a huge smile on my face because I'm just so darn happy I lived through that course! I will never win a race, but just look forward to getting out there and enjoying the experience! I'm a woman looking for a new CHALLENGE. This currently means completing 1 half marathon a month. Originally, it was 1 a month for 6 consecutive months, but I've already signed up for 2 in month 7. Shall I go for 12 in 12 months instead? I'm a PROUD Skirt Sports AMBASSADOR! Thrilled to represent a company with such high quality apparel that believes in REAL women.

Who am I? I'm a REAL woman who is beyond ecstatic that I'm able to MOVE like I never could before! MOVING every chance I get and loving every minute of it!


Transformed - The Story of Kara Burns

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 07/06/2015 12:45:00 PM | 1 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Run, Testimonials

In February 2015, I sat in the Skirt Sports warehouse, listening to twenty nervous women share their stories. They were answering the question, "Why did you apply for the Skirt Sports Kick Start program?"

More than a few tears were shed as women bravely opened up. It's not easy to recognize that you want to make life changes. It's not easy to take the first step and complete an application. It’s not easy to actually hit send. Many women shared their "freak-out" moments after they submitted their applications and wondered, "What have I done?"

Kara was one of the last women to speak. She seemed young to me, and had a bit of the "deer in the headlights" look. I'll never forget what she said. She explained that she had recently been released from prison and that part of her recovery was to create new circles and completely cut ties from the old life forces that could forever trigger bad behaviors and decisions. She found out about Kick Start through a women's professional development organization called "Dress for Success." She explained that when she arrived, she looked around the room at all the women (beginners and personal motivators) wearing their fitness clothing and running shoes, and her immediate reaction was to text her friend with this message, "These are NOT my people. I don’t know what I’m doing here."

But as the women opened up and shared their stories of pain and insecurity, something changed in Kara. Even though her story was different than anyone else in the room, she realized that she was among a group of women who were all seeking change in their lives and it hit her. As she so eloquently wrapped up her introduction, "After listening to all of you, I think I was wrong. I think you might be my people."

Fast forward four months to the June 14 Skirt Sports 13er & 5k/10k. All of the Kick Start beginners were encouraged to do the 5k or 10k as their next running stepping stone. But Kara is a woman on a mission. She was ramping up much faster than anyone expected and decided to go for it -  she did the 13er!

As she crossed the line, Kara was beyond elated. She was fueled by so much more than energy gels and cheers. It was a fire within! She had successfully created a new, healthy, positive world for herself, with the support of other women and the knowledge that she is not alone! As she exclaimed, "We did it! You ARE my people!" she officially entered a new community and an exciting future filled with love, challenge, positivity, support and momentum.

She created a new identity - Kara is a runner.

For those women who completed the application and couldn't pull the trigger, take comfort in the fact that when you are ready, we will be here for you. Just ask Kara.


You ARE My People!

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 06/29/2015 02:29:00 PM | 5 Comments Authors, Celebrate, Inspiration, Run, Testimonials

On September 12, 2013 I was released from Federal prison.   Bad choices for many years finally caught up with me.  It cost me several years of my freedom.  I am going to share with you my journey from 'the bottom' to running success.  

My love for running began in high school.  It did not take long for me to choose the fun life over the discipline it took to be very good at something.  That was the last time I ran (unless you count running from the police)!  During my prison sentence I started to run again and realized how much I enjoyed it.   Nothing made me feel as good as when I was running-- it was a great stress release.  Unfortunately, I was never able to get up above 3-4 miles on my own.

I heard about the "Skirt Sports Kick Start" scholarship program through the "Dress for Success" Professional Women's Group.  I will never forget praying "God, let them choose me please"!  I wanted to be a part of that group so badly.  I WAS chosen.  I showed up to the first running meeting, nervous and dressed in jeans.  My first thought, when I looked at all the running shoes and women around me, was "these are not my people"!  The women all looked so physically fit and put together.  We sat in a circle, introduced ourselves and explained why we were there.  The women's stories were amazing accounts of bravery and strength.  These women were doing the best they could and were overcoming various trials like illness, handicapped children and the exhaustion that comes from taking care of everyone else but yourself.  They were legit.

I realized that these women WERE my people!  We were all overcoming something and looking for a mentor to help us reach our running goals.  All of us found inspiration that day at Skirt Sports headquarters and much needed encouragement from our running motivators.

The first time I ran over 4 miles was on April 18, 2015 with my running motivator, Monica Knox.  That day we ran 5.22 miles.  That is when my mission started.  I wanted to run the 13er on June 14th which was 13.1 miles ... SO much further than I had ever run before.  We crossed that finish line, and it was one of the best feelings I have had in my life!  I am running my first marathon with Monica in October.

I have gone from barely getting by in life to giving it all that I have.  To compare today with my past, I get emotional.  I am surrounded by strong, amazing women who mentor me and have changed my life.  Running and achieving goals has shown me what it feels like to succeed.  This is just the beginning for me.  The #REALwomen of Skirt Sports, my fellow Kick Starters and my running motivator Monica Knox have affected my life through running in ways I could never imagine just six months ago.  Thank you for being on this journey with me to running success.  Thank you for being MY people!

Kara Burns

Click Here to watch Kara's 13er finish video!

Vegan Road Warrior

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I took my Vegan Challenge on the road this week from Boulder to Pittsburgh for the Fleet Feet Conference. My goal was simple – I wanted to know how hard it would be to eat vegan in a town that isn’t Boulder. The simple answer is that it's easy, if you are okay eating very limited food choices, many of which don't taste very good. It's hard if you want yummy, easy-to-find, nutritious food.

Let me start with the airport. Your best chance of success is to bring your own non-perishable vegan food options since ther's basically nothing except black coffee and fruit. You might get lucky and stumble across a $12 salad like I did in Denver at Root Down. However, in order to add protein in the form of tofu, my small salad would have cost $19 and I couldn't justify it. On the flip side, it was actually delicious. Of course you can buy bags of nuts and other snacks, but we all know that these cost three times more than they should, so even if you’re not vegan, that’s only recommended if you're desperate or have a few bucks to burn.

Before I visited Pittsburgh, I thought it would resemble Chicago in the 80s. Lots of meat, cheese fries, beer and sports team fanatics. What I found was an incredibly cool, smaller city, socked in by beautiful rivers (okay, they were pretty polluted when you ran up close), gorgeous rolling hills and lots of green trees everywhere. And yes, I did find lots of meat, cheese fries, beer and sports team fanatics!  But there were also great little restaurants and store fronts everywhere I looked. I couldn’t wait to get out there and find some vegan gems.

My first attempt was at the very cute Market Street Grocery near my hotel. I went in with high hopes. The first thing I stumbled upon was a woman sampling various flavors of macaroons. I reached for one and then realized, "Crap – these have eggs! And probably dairy too." So I moved on to the prepared food section. My mouth started watering as I viewed tasty looking scallops, beef, lamb chops, salmon, crab cakes, and more. I asked, "Do you have any tofu dishes?" The answer, "We usually do, but not today." I said, "I’m vegan. Where should I go to dinner?" I got a blank stare and this comment, "I’m pretty sure nowhere in the downtown area." Finally, one of the guys pulled up his phone and suggested thai. Thai! Of course! Tofu, rice, veggies. A vegan’s dream. I then went back and took two macaroon samples declaring that I would now be 98% vegan on this trip!

The next morning, I was lucky to join the Fleet Feet stores to a gorgeous buffet breakfast. It was a vegan dream. I had a huge bowl of steel cut oats, loads of fresh fruit, and I made a special request for soymilk which was "no problem." All I had to do was ask.

The second night, we were invited to a Pirates game. I haven't been to a ballpark in years, so I didn't know what to expect for dinner but I wanted to see how easy it would be to eat a vegan dinner inside PNC Park.

During the 5th inning, I headed to the nearest concession area and perused the menu. Vegan options included water, beer, French fries (but maybe not because who knows what’s in the deep fryer oil – and no one could tell me a decisive answer), and a soft pretzel with two tons of salt. Since I was starving, I opted for the pretzel even though it was probably brushed with butter. I later discovered that if I had time to spare, I could have found some additional options including rice and beans, a California roll and sorbet. Next time…

The next morning I woke up excited to relive my slow-cooked oats experience, only to find that they decided not to include oatmeal, so my only option was fruit and Frosted Flakes. Not cool.

I then complained on Facebook. This was a smart thing to do because I was referred to the Happy Cow app which helps you find your desired food category whenever wherever. Sadly when I typed in vegan, the closest restaurant was 6.2 miles away.

My final night in Pittsburgh was much better. It was a fancy, sit-down dinner for all of the wonderful Fleet Feet franchisees. They set the default option in front of me: beef tenderloin, veggies in cream sauce and potatoes with butter. I flagged down the server and was relieved that they had an extra vegetarian entree; turns out it was vegan, and really good!

So here’s what I learned. Don’t be afraid to say out loud, "I am a vegan," when asking for guidance in a strange town. It is often the only way you will navigate the options. Do however be prepared for the blank stares and looks of pity from people as they ask, "Well what CAN you eat honey?"

One of Skirt Sports Facebook fans, Sue M, sums it up well, "I'm a pastor's wife who is a 'closet vegan' in a very unhealthy part of the country. My all-time favorite moment came from a parishioner who was behind me in a potluck line. When she observed my all-veggie selections, she exclaimed 'Don't tell me you're one of those VEGETARIANS?!' I answered 'Heavens, no!' And thought 'I'm much worse. I'm a VEGAN!'"

Vegan is not hard to do. But it’s harder than I hoped it would be on the road in downtown Pittsburgh. 

The Bad Relationship

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Apparently I'm a sucker for Bad Relationships because I'm pretty sure I love hills! I don't think there are many of us out there, so if you are a fellow hill worshipper, please declare it loud and proud in so I won't feel so alone!

I love joking about how much hills suck and I LOVE the name of "The Hill" at mile 8 of our 13er. It’s "The Bad Relationship" – because you don’t realize how bad it is until you're over it! But I need to be honest here, because let's face it, honesty is the key to a good relationship, isn't it?

I consulted a highly esteemed website to help define what it means to be in a bad relationship – If you ever find yourself doing the following during your hill workout, it's a clear sign that you need to work on your relationship or a breakup may be in your future.

Eye Rolling.

"[Eye Roll]"

Dominance and Power Plays.

"Oh Yah? You think you're so big and intimidating. I’ll show you who’s boss."

Loss of Respect.

"Now that we've become so close I can see all your flaws. You’re really annoying."

Speaking Ill of Each Other.

"You’re uneven and your shoulders are too narrow. You suck, Hill."

Avoiding Conflict and Avoiding Resolutions.

"Oh hey – there's Sally! Sure I’d love a ride. See ya later, Hill!"

Taking Each Other for Granted.

"You never think about my needs. All you do is take take take until I’m so exhausted I have nothing left to give."


"………" (Thoughts in my head, "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.")

So that's what The Bad Relationship looks like. I have to come clean. I think I'm having a Love Affair.

I Love Hills. And I promise I'll never leave you!

Accidentally Vegan

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Eating vegetarian is a breeze. In fact, I think it may be my calling. I've always gravitated toward fresh, green, crunchy meals. I love veggies. They never make me feel gross the next day. There are infinite options and infinite ways to prepare them. Add in eggs and dairy (which means I'm actually eating ovo-lacto vegetarian-style), and I could live forever without another bite of meat, chicken or fish and be very happy.

But what happens when you eliminate the eggs and dairy and become – God forbid – a weird, hippy, stereotypical Boulder VEGAN!?

I'm going to come right out and say it - eating 100% vegan is not easy. But it's not that hard either.

I implemented a one-week Vegan Challenge during June Vegetarian month. Here's what I have going for me.

  1. I live in Boulder (population 103,166). We have three Whole Foods Markets, one Sunflower Market, one Alfalfa's, one Sprouts, one Lucky's Market, and every big grocery store has a massive natural and organic aisle. I asked someone in Whole Foods to help me find the vegan mayonnaise and he showed me eight different options and explained the differences!
  2. I'm surrounded by a diverse crowd of active people with varied eating philosophies who jumped at the chance to share vegan recipes.
  3. My husband was (semi) willing to join me in this challenge.
  4. I didn't have to travel to places outside of Boulder that may have no idea what veganism is.

But my real ace in the hole has been Skirt team member, Jeanette. Jeanette is a Skirt Ambassador who basically steps in to help whenever we need someone at the last minute. Jeanette has an insanely inspirational story herself. Nutshell: She was a sheriff, living a fairly healthy life, mom of two active girls, eating the Mediterranean diet, pretty-fit, and out of nowhere one day in her early 40s, while she was sitting in her squad car, she had a heart attack. Thankfully she knew what the signs meant and called 911 from her car.

That event changed her life, including a huge change to her eating philosophy. Today her entire family is vegan.

Jeanette gave me some great shortcuts including some actual dishes, amazing recipes and a huge grocery bag of all sorts of vegan food. Did I mention she's British and when she talks, it sounds like she’s singing? On Saturday, we were working the Boutique together and she surprised me with this amazing goody bag. As she went through all of the vegan items inside, she said, "And that Nature Valley granola bar is accidentally vegan."

Her message: Going vegan isn't hard.

My message: It's not hard; it just requires planning and constant reminders.

What I've discovered is that eating vegan can actually be very tasty, especially since many of the proteins that are allowed (tofu, beans, quinoa, nuts) do not have vibrant flavors, so you need to get creative with spices which I've been lazy about over the years.

I made Jeanette's insanely good "Non-Chicken Salad" last week and I'm already making it again. IT WAS THAT GOOD! Recipe and photos here:

In the end, I did a 95% Vegan week. I cheated everyday, accidentally or on purpose. I often caught myself right after I had a bite of something that I would never expect to include butter or eggs. Some days I just said screw it, and dug into a leftover piece of Kim & Jake’s cake from our 13er (at least it's gluten-free!). Note: I did not apply the "no honey" rule because I had to draw the line somewhere!

Next up: I'm going to try to extend 95% veganism this week while traveling to the Fleet Feet Conference in Pittsburgh. Let's see how the world outside Boulder reacts to vegan. Wish me luck!

The F Word

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The first time she said it out loud, I did a double take. Did she just say "F it" or did she mean "Bucket?" Turns out she meant "F it" and she actually used it in context. She was frustrated with her seatbelt.

After I recovered, I told her that is not a nice word and we don't say it. To which she said, "Yes I do." I said, "No we don’t." She said, "Yes I do." I said, "NO – WE DON’T." She said, "YES – WE DO!"

Since she is a 3 year old, this conversation was going nowhere fast so I changed the subject, turned up her Frozen CD really loud and started singing "The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…" Luckily she joined right in and it was over.

For now.

A couple weeks later, Tim and I went on a date and when we came home, the babysitter said, "It was an interesting night. Lots of surprises." Turns out the minute we left, Wilder was "F this and F that" all night long. Our sitter explained that is not a nice word and it's not a word we say. Wilder simply said, "It’s okay. We say it." And the F tirade continued.

Yes she was showing off and yes she's testing her 3-½-year-old limits, but this was a flag for us. The carseat "F" bomb could have been an isolated incident, but this took it to another level.

Tim and I are both pretty big potty-mouthers. We didn’t have a kid until we were in our 40's. We didn't have any reason to censor ourselves, especially at home around the house. If I stubbed my toe on the couch (which I did a couple weeks ago and I think it's actually broken), you better believe I didn't say a simple and appropriate, "ouch, that hurt." Instead I think it went something like this, "S, F, F, F, mother F, that F-ing hurt like a B!!!!!" And yes, I'm sure Wilder was nearby and heard it all and filed it away for future nights to torment babysitters and push my limits.

In the end, I need to be a better role model for my girl and give up a habit that is clearly not a great habit to begin with. I can do it. And I know Tim can do it too. We'll have to keep each other accountable.

But I also feel the beginning of a new era in parenting - the era of Wilder saying all sorts of surprisingly funny, but often inappropriate things. Yesterday she said, "Hey mom, I have to tell you a secret!" She ran over, leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Nationwide is on your side."

Looks like we may need to cut back on some of her shows too.

Kelly G.: #REALwomenmove Scholarship Winner

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Skirt Sports Real Women Move

I deeply understand the meaning of "Getting Started".  Three years ago I started getting sore and stiff joints, but didn't think much of it. I was fit, I ate healthy, and I was about to start grad school after a few years of baby birthing and breast feeding...It was on and I was about to "Get Started"!

A few months into grad school and the joint pain was still there with added fatigue now. I again brushed it off as part of the woes of going to grad school with young kids, but it soon became apparent that I needed medical care for it.  Flash forward a few months and I began treatment for autoimmune inflammatory arthritis. This was just the news I needed to "Get Started" again and transform my body through fitness and perseverance. I would destroy this disease by pushing myself as hard as I could. I did too. I competed in my first obstacle course race in the fall of 2013. I was strong and fit, but I was a wreck inside. I had pushed myself too far and my health deteriorated for the next year. Everything unraveled and I learned to hate my body again for the first time since I was a teenager. Only this time it was the inside of my body that I loathed. My disease markers kept going up, I was put on nastier drugs, and my thesis was going nowhere because I could not complete the field work. Most days it took ALL my effort to get out of bed and care for my family.  After nearly 2 years of treatment for my inflammatory arthritis, I finally got a diagnosis of Behcet's Disease this past February. It is a rare form of vasculitis that can cause arthritis.  So there I sat. I finally knew what was wrong with me but it made me feel worse instead of better. My thesis was scrapped entirely and I had to make the decision to start new or quit.  So I got started.

Since February, I have developed a new thesis and it is in full swing! I have recently started walking everyday and am doing the best I can with doing some type of strengthening exercises twice a week. I have a long way to go...BUT I am learning to listen to my body and accept that my best today may be worse than yesterday or even better than tomorrow, and THAT IS OKAY!  I am the heaviest I have ever been, I am in the worst shape I have ever been, but I am also the most committed I have ever been.  My husband and I are starting to train for a local obstacle course race for this fall. We plan on not giving a crap about how long it takes, how clumsy we look, or if I can do every obstacle...we just want to "Get Started" and this is our goal.  Everyday I walk I put on my frumpiest clothes, my biggest sunglasses, and I wait until I think all the "beautiful people" are back in their houses before I step out.  I don't want to be that person anymore and I want the confidence and self-love that I am fostering on the inside to show on the outside. I am part of a Facebook group of amazing women that give me the support and courage I need to transform myself everyday on the inside (love my BAWGS!) and I would love for your help in transforming the outside.