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Enjoyable Running: A Whole New World

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 10/20/2014 11:46:00 AM | 0 Comments Celebrate, Run

I don't have a "runner's body."  I'm curvy, and overweight.  I'm exactly the person who should be more active. But the athletic apparel companies don't seem to make running clothes that work for women shaped like me. Athletic clothes actually made the whole process more uncomfortable. Running shorts would ride up and leave my inner thighs chafed. Compression shorts under the running shorts prevent chafing, but don't help the issue of the shorts constantly riding up.  I would make it about 20 steps before I had to do some weird side-stepping while I pulled the legs of the shorts back down. Running capris stayed down, but I felt so exposed with skin tight fabric stretched across my ample backside. Slowly trudging down the street when you are learning to run is embarrassing enough without worrying about awkward running clothes.

I tried a few running skirts before I found my Skirt Sports skirt.  I loved the idea of "chafe proof" shorts covered by a skirt, I just couldn't find a style that actually worked. Some [companies] put slip-resistant seams on the shorts, which didn't prevent them from riding up and only added to the chafing.  Others didn't even bother to try to make the shorts stay down.

Running with my first Skirt Sports skirt opened a whole new world of enjoyable running.  For the first time I wasn't fussing with my clothes as I ran. The skirt provided modest cover for real compression shorts that actually stayed in place. The hidden pockets were a bonus that allowed me to do away with the uncomfortable arm band I had been using for my phone and keys. Somehow the designers had even created a waistband that stayed in place without ever feeling like the skirt had a waistband.

My collection of Skirt Sports gear has grown because I won't settle for ill-designed athletic clothes any longer.  I wear my skirts for walking, biking and yoga class. I will even admit to wearing my skirts to the office on days I know I need to wear comfortable clothes -- and they always get positively noticed.

Thank you Skirt Sports.  Your commitment to a quality product has helped make being active comfortable and enjoyable. I still don't have a "runner's body", but I went from being a woman who didn't like running, to a woman planning for her second marathon.

Jennifer V.

Atlanta, GA

261 Woman: Shannon B.

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 10/15/2014 03:52:00 PM | 0 Comments Celebrate, Run

Shannon B.
Dimondale, MI
Homemaker/Mother/Foster Mother/Woman

As with so many runners I began running as a way to take control in an otherwise uncontrollable world.  When I began, I couldn't run a mile.  I could hardly run for 5 minutes straight.  I didn't want to run a marathon, that was crazy!  I thought a few 5k races every summer and I would be golden.  For the first 2 years of my running I was adamant!  There is no way I was ever going to run a marathon.  I am a mother of 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys, nine of which are adopted.  In addition to my own children I am a foster parent, having over 26 foster children in my home over the years.  I did not have time to take a minute out of my day to spend on myself.  How dare I even think about worrying about myself when I have all of these children to raise?  As the months went on I began to increase my running from a couple minutes to 10 minutes.  The next thing I knew I could run a mile without stopping, then 2 miles, then a whole 5k!  I was unstoppable.  Along the way I realized that I am not taking time away from my family and children.  It is not selfish of me to take care of my physical body.  Being able to run gives my a healthier body and with that body I am able to provide my children with more quality time.  In addition to the physical benefits of running I am gaining mental and emotional strength.  The close friends I have made over the years have helped me run farther and faster.  I am able to go for a run with my friends and that is my time to improve my mind and body.  I am teaching my children that physical and emotional health are an important part of a well rounded person's life. 

As a mother of girls I am also tasked with teaching them to be the best woman they can be.  As women we will not be forced to make compromises.  There is nothing a girl or a woman can not do.  Through running I teach that to my daughters.  I show them that daily I am a priority and I will not accept second class status and if I want something I deserve the right to work hard and achieve that goal.  I am showing my children, especially my daughters that there is nothing you can't do.  It is unfortunate in this sport that there are still people that look at women and girls as second class.  I am not going to see being a woman as second class.  I love being a woman, I love that I can do anything I want.  I can participate in any sport I want and I do so celebrating my womanhood, not hiding it. 

One early morning I was gathering with our local running group ready to put in some miles.  That morning I was wearing my brand new Serendipity dress (even more special because our youngest daughter's name is Serendipity!).  One of the men in the group approached me and asked me why a running skirt wasn't enough?  Why I felt the "need" to wear an actual dress.  I very politely explained to him that I loved my new dress and I was going to run in whatever I felt comfortable to run in.  He has never mentioned any of the women wearing dresses or skirts again.   I proudly wear skirts and dresses almost every time I run or bike.  I do not and I will not allow my feminine side to be hidden.  Being able to show our tough and hardworking side is just as important as being  comfortable and feeling good about yourself.  Wearing a dress shows me and anyone around me that I may be tough and hardworking but I'm also a proud woman.  I do so proudly!   It wasn't long after I decided that there was no way I would run 26.2 miles that I realized that there was no way I was not going to run 26.2 miles.  Not only was I going to run 26.2 miles but I am going to take control of my body and I am going to dictate to my body and environment what I am capable of.  At this point in my running I have run at least 6 half marathons, (was a pace leader for 1 half marathon), 4 marathons, 2 triathlons, 1 50k ultra (wearing my skirt sports dress, the Sexy Back I believe) and 1 40mile ultra.  And I am not stopping there.  And every step of the way I am going to celebrate being a woman!  

Hood To Coast: Relay Team to Lifelong Friends

Posted by Nicole DeBoom on 10/14/2014 12:40:00 PM | 0 Comments Celebrate, Run

By Jayme Brindle

If you have never done a running relay, go sign up for one now!  I recently got back from an amazing weekend away with 11 wonderful women to run the famous Hood to Coast Relay (HTC) in Oregon.  It was a bucket list adventure for sure and one I will never forget!  My sister in-law has a close group of female running friends that have competed in many Colorado relays.  They had applied for the lottery for HTC for 3 years but this was the first year they got in (over 2800 teams apply in 1 day for 1050 team openings).  I was so excited to be asked to join them on this adventure!  Our first meeting was 9 months prior to the race to watch the HTC video, meet each other and discuss relay leg preferences over wine and goodies.  Then every few months we had a few team runs and discussed race logistics, most importantly what we would wear. Since I love my Skirt Sports run apparel I decided to ask for their help with matching cute outfits so we could stand out as a team and Skirt Sports graciously provided a pretty awesome outfit!  

Before we knew it, it was travel day!  We had so much fun traveling without kiddos and picking out other HTC runners on the plane (including the famous Frank Shorter!).  Once we reached Portland we picked up our mobile hotels (8 and 12 passenger vans) for the 24+ hours of the race.  We also needed to stock up on all the food we would need to fuel us through 3 running legs each.  We were fortunate enough to stay in a beautiful hotel in the woods at the base of Mount Hood where the race would begin.  We enjoyed a fun girls’ night celebrating one of our teammate’s 35th birthday (what a perfect birthday!) and enjoying some adult beverages.  The start times for the relay range from 7 am – 5:30 pm the day of the race with approximately 10 runners starting every 15 minutes.  We ended up having a 2:30 pm start time which made for a leisurely morning of decorating the van (teammates’ names, Skirt Sports and altitude jokes), and having breakfast.  We were in the first van but the second van runners had even more time to kill with their first runner starting about 8 pm!   Definitely a different experience to have race jitters all day long!  We all went to the start as a team to buy fun race gear, take lots of pics and enjoy the fun team atmosphere.  We met teams from all over the country who loved our fashionable outfits!  We were a little surprised by the competitive nature of some of the teams we were used to a more relaxed feel at most of the Colorado relays.  They MUST have felt threatened because we looked so fast in our Skirt Sports gear!

After all the runners shook hands at the start, our first runner was off with an amazing leg of 2500’ feet of elevation loss in less than 6 miles!  Blazing fast times, but caution needed with 2 more legs ahead.  Right away us Colorado gals noticed the amazing effect of lower altitude and we all felt like rock stars!  Each leg had such amazing scenery as the run took us from alpine mountain, to wooded rolling hills, to downtown Portland (in the middle of the night for our team), to foggy pastures, to the beach all within 197 miles!  We enthusiastically cheered each other on at each exchange zone and as we passed our runner on our way to the next exchange.  With a few minor glitches along the way and little to no sleep overnight, each runner ran 3 legs totaling between 13-20 miles.  As sleep deprivation will do, we shared so many inside jokes and laughs that wouldn’t seem funny to anyone else!  Bathroom issues always come into play with altered sleep/eating/running patterns and these just brought us even closer.  I can honestly say my teammates have become new friends for life in a way only spending 24+ hours in a van together can accomplish!  They know too much about me for it to be any other way.

We crossed the finish line exhausted, but triumphant and happy!  After a much needed shower, we were ready to celebrate the post-race party with a beer and some much needed nourishment!  From there, some teammates met up with family members and some decided to extend their responsibility-free vacation.  It was 3 days I will never forget and a lifetime of memories and friendships!  In all the running races I have done, relays continue to be my favorite!  They are the best of both worlds for me – I can be competitive with myself on my individual legs but, it is a team sport with fun and camaraderie being more of the goal than time or overall place.  So grab your best running friends and go sign up for a relay – you will be so happy you did!

For a fun recap, check out our video here!


A Welcome from Kathrine Switzer

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Who would ever have believed that "261"-- my old bib number from the 1967 (yes, you read that right!)  Boston Marathon, the one an angry official tried to tear off of me because I was a woman in the race (yes, you read that right, too!) would become a number symbolizing fearlessness?   Who could have imagined that the number would start a global movement of empowerment for women?  That it would start the 261 Women's Marathon?  And that it would inspire this fabulous new 261 Fearless collection of active apparel that helps get women moving?   

We know that running and walking make us feel fearless.  The tough part is taking that first step and getting out the door.  That's why I am so excited to partner with Nicole DeBoom and her Skirt Sports team to create clothing that inspires you, makes you feel brave, and gives you a sassy edge.  When you feel and look great, you'll take on that challenge, whether it's the first step or your 50th marathon.

Every woman in the world relates to the story of the official trying to throw me out of the race, because every woman knows what if feels like to be made to feel unwelcome and humiliated, to be told she is not good enough or not capable.  We need to take every opportunity to challenge and reverse those attitudes and running and walking is a sure fire way to extinguish them forever.  

Nicole and I have 85 years of experience between us.  We've fallen down, gotten up, been slow and injured, fast and victorious, embraced self-doubt, loss, heartbreak as well as confidence, triumph and elation. We know what it is like to work hard. And one thing we know for sure:  we 261 women can do it all and emerge Fearless.   

This is more than about clothing.  This is about changing our lives.

Hello to My New Skirt Sports Family!

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Hello Skirt Sports family! My name is Katie (or Hungry Runner) and I' m SO excited to join this incredible community of inspiring athletes!

Let me tell you a little about myself and my running story.

Given how much I've grown to love running (I'm currently training for my first marathon), it's pretty funny to think that I actually used to hate the sport.

In high school I was a swimmer. I remember my coach taking me and my teammates outside to cross train on the track, back then running even one lap around the track felt awful. I was good at swimming, but running was difficult, so I thought it just wasn't for me.

When I went away to college, I gave up swimming competitively so that I could focus on other extracurricular activities like writing for the school newspaper. I made a big mistake, though. Without swimming, I wasn't exercising anywhere close to the amount that I was before, but I was still eating like I was.

Throughout college I struggled with my weight. From time to time I would get back in to the pool for a workout here and there, but it didn't bring me the same enjoyment as swimming with my team, so I never kept a regular workout schedule.

I never thought I would turn to running as a form of exercise. But one day my sophomore year roommate somehow convinced me to join her for a run around the track. It wasn't love at first run, it was still really difficult for me and I didn't enjoy it all. But I consider that a turning point for me.

I don't remember exactly what it was that made me change my mind, but after that I began running on a regular basis; short distances a few days a week. It took a while, but after having stuck with it for a while, it became easier and easier with each run.

In 2011, I signed up for my first race with a group of friends, the Long Island Half Marathon. Naturally, I was nervous to be running such a long distance for my first race ever and wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it, but I trained hard and was determined to prove to myself that I could do it.

After crossing that finish line, I was officially hooked. I couldn't wait to sign up for my next race.

Now, with dozens of races under my belt and almost four years of blogging about my running and fitness journey, I'm training for the New York City Marathon!

So far it's been a roller coaster of a journey (as expected), but I'm excited to share it with you here and on my blog. Most importantly, though, I'm ecstatic to now be a part of the SkirtSports family as I continue down this crazy running road!

Oh The Places You've Gone!

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In 2005 I led the 3:50 pace group at the New York City Marathon. Another pacer showed up race morning wearing something I'd never seen before but the minute I spotted it I knew I needed one: a black running skirt.  

In the past nine years, I've taken my Skirt Sports Marathon Girl to races all over the country - and the world. I wore it in marathons in Thailand and Singapore, and during a five-day 100-mile stage race in the Himalayas. In the photo above, I'm wearing my skirt on the top of Mt. Whitney. We ran up and down Whitney, and then three days later I wore the skirt to run the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to rim. I've worn my skirt on dusty trails and then have gone straight to dinner. Yes, I've worn it on dates. I often finish my runs bloody and bruised (I fall a lot), but when I'm wearing my skirt, no matter the condition of my legs, I think I look hot.

Until I turned thirty I was an egghead, not an athlete. Then I dated a man who took my dog running. Eventually I wanted to join them. Somehow, improbably, I became a runner. For the first dozen years I wore men's way-too-big split leg shorts and cotton tee shirts. Then I got serious and started training. I also started writing for running magazines and got lots of free stuff. When I saw my fellow pacer wearing a skirt, I had to have it.

First I had to get over the whole "Real women don't wear skirts thing." Even though my initial reaction was positive, I thought: I want to be tough, not cute. The first time I wore the skirt in a race was at a 50K in Spokane, Washington. I ran with a guy early on and we chatted about this and that, and then I dropped him. After the race, he tracked me down and sent me an email to congratulate me on winning.  He said he'd hoped to be able to keep up but couldn't.

I thanked him and confessed that I felt compelled to win, given that I was wearing a skirt and all.

He said, "Gee, I was running with you and then close behind you for several miles, and I did not realize you were wearing a skirt."

When I showed up at a gnarly trail race near Ithaca, New York, wearing my skirt and a sleeveless top, a woman at the start said to me, "You look serious."
I said, "How serious can I look? I’m wearing a skirt."

The truth is I felt so good in the skirt that I believe it made me run better. After a few races I got over my uneasiness. But it took others longer. A few years later when I proposed an article reviewing running skirts, the (male) editorial staff of the magazine claimed, "Serious runners don't wear skirts."

This year Rory Bosio won the UTMB, one of the hardest races in the world—103 miles in the Alps—wearing a skirt. We've come a long way, baby. And I've grown up enough to know that both/and is better than either/or. Tough and hot. Cute and serious.

Nine years ago, only a few of us ran in skirts; the comments and compliments of other women would buoy me during races. I'd tell them about Skirt Sports, tell the story of how founder Nicole DeBoom, an elite triathlete who did her senior thesis at Yale on female athletes and body image disorders, a beautiful and strong woman who hated her thighs, designed a skirt that would make her feel good when she was running.

When other companies came in and started making skirts - first just folks with sewing machines in their basements who showed up at marathon expos to sell their copycat wares, and then the big dogs of sports apparel - it pissed me off. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but still I felt indignant on behalf of Skirt Sports. Now you can't go to a race - even a small one - and not see tons of women running in skirts.

This is how social change happens. One person has an idea that is at once brilliant and obvious. The rest of us see it and say: of course.

After nine years of running in it, I'm excited to see the new places my skirt will go.

Ask Coach Jenny

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Every morning I pour myself a cup of coffee (or two), and say a little gratitude prayer for all the blessings in my life.  If you would have told me twenty-five years ago that I'd be writing a weekly column for and helping people improve their life with their own two feet, I simply would have laughed in your face.

That's because I used to hate running.  I grew up playing team sports and running was always used as the punishment.  That, and being about 35 pounds heavier than I am today made running not such a pleasant experience. 

Secretly, I always wanted to run, but went about it in the wrong way.  I'd strap on my shoes, head out at night so nobody would see me, and start running as if someone was chasing me.  It would last for about one block, at which point I'd stop, start crying and turn around and walk home in shame.  

It wasn't until I started my internship at a corporate fitness center in Milwaukee, WI that I made friends with running.  I walked in on my first day and all the fitness center employees challenged me to run a 5K later that year.  Then they backed it up by training with me and started me from where I was – out of shape and overweight.  We started with walking and I finished thinking, "I could do this!"  

As my body grew stronger, they began to weave in seconds of running within the walk.  By the end of that season I was able to run 30 minutes without swearing and felt as if I could leap tall buildings in a single bound! (I bet you, I could.)

I finished that 5K and it changed my life forever.  I fell in like with the sport of running, but more importantly, I fell in love with the running community and the process of social training.  

As my career in corporate fitness evolved, I began to help employees develop personal running programs that would fit in with their lifestyles.  Some wanted to fit it in with their family life, while others wanted to include strength training, yoga, karate or step aerobics in too.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was writing my first book – Marathoning for Mortals with every personal running recipe that I helped them create.  

I learned the importance of starting from where you are so the body can adapt and grow stronger more efficiently.  I learned that although all of us are similar, our fitness programs need to be uniquely our own.  And I learned that like a good chili recipe, most of us mortals do better with a blend of balanced activities including running, cross-training, strength, and flexibility.

Every morning, as I sip my cup of Joe, I begin to answer running and fitness questions in my inbox and my Facebook page and with every answer, I feel as if I'm paying it forward for the blessings running has given me through the years.  

Running has…

  •     Helped me build confidence and self esteem.
  •     Connected me with like-minded friends who love and support me, even when I want to run crazy events.
  •     Helped me shed the weight I carried as a protective barrier.
  •     Helped me through, smile when life's sadness rolled into town.
  •     Given me something to strive toward, reach and celebrate.
  •     Guided me to beautifully earned views and vistas.
  •     Gotten me out of bed on those dark, early mornings when sleeping sounded much better.

And of course, running has given me medals, swag joyful shopping opportunities.  Who would have thought this tomboy would love running in a skirt (thank you Nicole and Skirt Sports)!

I’ve learned so much from the questions and all the cool peeps I've coached through the years and I look forward to connecting with and learning with you as well.  

Running is a blessing and every finish line is a gift.  

Keep running strong!

In Skirt love,

Coach Jenny


From the Shadows to the Skirt

Posted by Noelle Wilson on 10/09/2014 09:56:00 AM | 0 Comments Celebrate, Run

I am not an athlete.  I was the stereotypical "brainy" kid, and I left all things sporty to my very talented younger brother.  It wasn't until I was facing 40 that I decided perhaps I could at least attempt to be a runner.  The Couch to 5K (C25K) program was quickly printed out, in treadmill form, and with DVDs of House, MD in hand I holed up in my basement for a few months.  No WAY was I going to let my neighbors see the fat woman next door attempting to run!  Not to mention the fact that I was doing this in my husband's giant lined man-shorts and an ugly, men's XXL t-shirt.  As a non-athlete, I had nothing fit to run in myself, and (hiding in the safety of my basement) why bother spending money on new clothes?

Several months into the program I made the mistake of divulging my dirty little running secret to a neighbor.  She was so enthusiastic that she promptly signed me up for my first 5k, excited to accompany me as "head cheerleader" on this journey. Now I was in a quandary: step out in public in baggy man-clothes, or spend money on something I'd probably only wear once anyway?  Also, though I had been running for several months now, I hadn't lost much weight and did not care to be seen in tight running clothes.  Loosely-fitting shorts always bunched up on me.  What was a girl to do?

I discovered the world of running skirts shortly after, and I purchased my first one, off-the-rack at a chain sporting goods store.  I loved the idea of the skirt, but the compression shorts underneath rode up, and the skirt had to go back.  I Googled "running skirts", did some research (aka, read some reviews), and found that the best skirts out there were yours [Skirt Sports].  :)    I purchased my Black Vinyl Gym Girl Ultra to be shipped just in time for the Big Race, and I loved it.  I also knew that at that price I had to get my money's worth, and I signed up for a few more 5ks.  That fall, the Gym Girl Ultra and I ran our first 15k, and the following year (2013) I set a goal to run one event each month.  That Gym Girl Ultra and I finished our first half marathon in November of 2013. 

The skirt is now 2-1/2 years old, and it is still my number one skirt.  It is a bit too big now, and I have to hike it up quite a bit until my skin is clammy enough to hold it up when I run.  One of the hems at the bottom of the compression shorts has a hole in it, so I can't run too far without chaffing.  Still, I just can't part with it.  We have covered many miles together, in several states and in all kinds of weather.  We've done 10 mile scavenger dashes, and climbed the US Bank building for the American Lung Association.  So many things I never thought this body could accomplish, it did.  And my Gym Girl Ultra was right there.

If I am chosen for the $1,000 shopping spree, I cannot say this would still be my go-to skirt.  I am sure the hole in the shorts will get bigger, and (hopefully) the waist will also become too big.  However, I am pretty confident it will always be in my closet.  I do know for sure that it will always be my favorite.  :)

Thanks for making something so comfortable and feminine that it made running FUN and not a chore!

I felt Like a Real Runner

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My name is Tanya. I am a heavier runner and there are many draw backs to being active and overweight. You hurt all the time and feel you look stupid, like everyone is watching you. So with that in mind you go out to find the right clothes, I mean you are serious about this you want real running clothes.  But you can't and your biggest problem is finding good workout clothing, I don't mean velour work out suits or cheaply made Big Discount Store, Jan 1st resolution work out clothing. I mean good quality clothing.

The major name brands don't do exercise clothes for big people (I mean fat people don't really exercise do they? So we will only market to skinny people) or if they have an XL or a double XL, they aren't really because the measurements are smaller, which mentally hurts even more. I'd hate to be a smaller woman and go to by clothes and be a small or medium everywhere else just to be a large extra large in workout clothes.

I had seen Skirt Sports at a local race and I had been seeing more and more women wearing them. I pined and said to myself "They won't sell my size, they're XL will be sized for a size 10".  I had lots of reasons not to look at Skirt Sports. I didn't want to be reminded I was fat. I am healthy, I am active, I run as therapy to de-stress and I love food.

But my best friend needed a running companion to help him pass his PT test last year, he knew I had completed the Colfax Half Marathon and many others, so he asked me for help. I shyly said I didn't have anything really to run in. My favorite running shorts (you know the pair you have that feel great and don't chafe) were disintegrating and I had to save those for race days. So I couldn't run with him because I hated looking stupid in front of others and the running gear I had cobbled together was funny looking to say the least. But he would not be deterred, I was going to help him pass his test. I made him a running work-out routine and told him to have at it, he could do it!!!

Then one day while we were virtual shopping, showing each other pictures of things we like, I wistfully showed him a picture of the Skirt Sports capri, the one with the pink plaid.

"What size?" He said.

I looked through your sight and found that I was too big in measurements for any of your skirt sports, even your XXL, as per the measurements my hips were a couple inches to big. But he bought it anyways.

"What if they are like jeans and they cut all the fabric at once and we get a slightly bigger pair, what if it's like that?" He joked because he knew I was hurting.

So I waited for them to arrive and hid up in my bedroom to try them on. I thought it would be like trying on a XXL Nike where it would only pull up to my thunder thighs, but no, the skirt pulled up without even a wiggle or a jump. I actually got to have something pretty and for women to work out in. I didn't have to run late at night when no one would see me. That skirt was a first step, it was the thing that made me feel like a real runner, even more so than 6 half marathons and 1 full. I got to wear pretty running clothes like normal women.

This year was the second Colfax Half Marathon and, I was running with my friend and my niece. She [my niece] saw my skirt and wanted one, really badly! You know how 16 year-olds are, right? So, we drove out to Boulder and I was sure the lady behind the desk would think I was too big when we asked to try some things on. I said I needed a double extra large and she went to get some things for me to start with. Then my niece got brave enough to ask to try on a blue skirt with shorties under it, not at all the capri length I was looking for. But she loved it and wanted us to match. So I asked if it came in my size. The woman said sure and brought me an XL. It was too small I was sure of it, but they talked me into trying it on. She explained that I had a lot of space in the others I had been trying did fit!

She was right! I now have a great pic with my niece and hot fire people at mile marker 11 sporting matching skirts and shorties.  It may not sound like a big deal, but it is when you never feel pretty and you always feel massive. Skirt Sports let me feel like I was normal, that there is nothing strange about bigger people running. That everyone can feel normal or as normal as you get, when running. My pink one is still my favorite, my blue one is for shorter runs ( I still think my legs look fat), and right now I am looking to buy my third. I am having trouble choosing to be honest cause I can only justify one and there are a lot for fall and winter in the length I love and feel the best in.


P.S. My friend passed his PT test, loved his first half marathon and next fall I plan to be rocking my skirt in Marathon Greece. It's my must do race and I have been saving for a while and now I can look cute and amazing while doing it!

I AM a Runner!

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I'm a runner! Oh my gosh, I AM a runner! I  never thought I would have said that a year and a half ago, until I met Nicole DeBoom. It's at this time I was accepted into the Skirt Sports Kick Start 5k Program as a beginner.

On my application, I said I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and severe athritis, and the doctors told me "whatever you do, do not run," so I was excited and terrified all at the same time when I got the email saying I was going to be a part of this amazing program. Walking into that first meeting I had no idea what to expect - we shared stories, smiles and tears and I have to say, it was my WOW moment. Here was a group of beautiful women of all ages, all of us sharing, all of us nervous, but somehow, for me, it felt like we had already known each other, it was comfortable!

The following day I started my training. It was tough at first, having never ran before or even played sports, but I persevered, and I pushed, and then I hurt myself. I pulled my calf muscle, and let me tell you, it hurt like the dickens! So, my training was stalled by about a week and a half, and then I continued.

That Saturday night before my first 5k I was so excited and so nervous. I layed out all my gear - my Skirt Sports skirt, and team Kick Start top, everything, down to my lip gloss! I didn't sleep well that night, the butterflies just flitting around, but by the time I arrived at the destination the next morning, I think I relaxed and told myself "I am doing this!" So, I ran, and ran and I finished my first 5k, woo hoo! I acheived all the goals I set for myself - I will Start, I will not DNF, and I will Finish - accomplished! I'll never forget that day and all the feelings surging through me!

Let's move forward to Saturday, September 13, 2014. I ran a 10k, 6.2 miles - weeks of training, sweat, tears, frustration and pure joy. I ran my 10k virtually, in the afternoon at beautiful City Park. When I completed my second lap around the Mile High Loop, I was elated, I was weeping, I was jumping up and down and hugging my husband and most of all, I was so very thankful for Nicole and everyone at Skirt Sports for their encouragement, their friendship, their cheers!

I can honestly say that I would probably have never become a runner had it not been for Nicole and Kick Start, so I wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you with of my heart and the tears in my eyes as I write this. I have not only become and athlete, but a stronger, more confident woman. I know that I can push myself much further and harder than I thought, stand taller and take on the world. I have shown my daughters their Mom is someone they can look up to and be so proud of.  

I am a RUNNER - and I do run with mascara and lip gloss. Gotta look cute, even when huffing and puffing and sweating!!

Love, Tawni