Nicole DeBoom, Skirt Sports Founder and CEO

One cold afternoon in December of 2003, in the small Rocky Mountain foothill town of Lyons, Colorado, professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom was on a training run. As she ran down Main St. her reflection in a storefront caught her eye - for all the wrong reasons.

"I literally stopped dead in my run and thought 1) I look like a boy, 2) I'm uninspired, 3) I just want to feel pretty. I immediately ran home, scribbled the word pretty on a piece of paper and started dreaming up ways to start a clothing company," said Nicole.

Her goal was simple - to create a line of cute, flattering, high-performance running apparel. She believed that you truly could have it all - performance, great fit, and style - but no brand had been able to capture the trifecta.

On September 12, 2004, after swimming 2.4 miles, and cycling 112 miles, Nicole started the final leg of Ironman Wisconsin - a full marathon - in 3rd place, wearing a cute, high-performance, lightweight, race-belt skirt - her own prototype design. Over the course of those 26.2 miles she proved that women can have it all -passing her competitors one by one and winning her first Ironman - in the prototype skirt that would later launch the Skirt Revolution.

She incorporated Skirt Sports three days after that fateful race - and off to the races it truly was! The first generation of running skirts created a fast and furious skirt craze, one that emboldened Skirt Sports to expand beyond that signature item and become the brand we are today - a community of women who support and inspire each other in our pursuit of happiness through the transformative power of running and fitness.

Today, Skirt Sports remains the only women's running apparel brand offering a full-line of products and range of events to support and motivate women in meeting their running goals, with a supportive community to help get us together. From the good, bad and awesome of your running routine, to relaxing on the couch after a hard workout, to the celebration that makes it all worthwhile, Skirt Sports embraces the real lives of women with honesty, humor and empathy.

Skirt Sports Products

We continue to focus on the trifecta - performance, excellent fit and style. We pride ourselves on making products that fit real women's bodies. In order to do this properly, we have created a comprehensive fit-testing and wear-testing program that includes women of all shapes and sizes from our community. Many companies "wear-test" by walking around the office for a day. That doesn't fly at Skirt Sports! You can rest assured that our products have hit the pavement (and the trails!).

Skirt Sports Events

We need goals to keep ourselves moving forward! We know this about ourselves and we've heard it from our community, so Skirt Sports is committed to introducing new, fun and goal-worthy events. We actually prefer to think of ourselves as an events business that happens to make clothing! Please get out there and join us - it's more fun when we're in it together!

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Kick Start

The heart of Skirt Sports mission is to encourage women to take those first few steps toward an active, running life. In 2010, we created a groundbreaking program called Kick Start. We seek women who want to start running; women who want to make positive changes in their lives, but don't have the tools or skills to put one foot in front of the other. These are our Beginners. We then seek empowered "running women" who have found confidence, courage, strength and more through running and want to pay it back to someone else. These are our Personal Motivators. We pair them up, give them training plans, running tips, great-fitting running clothing, and a free entry to their first running race. Like anything, these women get what they put into it and we're happy to say that we have successfully introduced hundreds of women to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Click here to learn more.


Skirt Sports is sold in stores around the world, with a focus in the USA and Australia. Click here to see our online partners and email us [contact us] to find a specialty store near you. Additionally, if you are in the Boulder area, we are open for business (or a group run!) at our Boulder Headquarters.